"A Munny is a figure made out of vinyl with movable joints. The figures are blank and the owner can decorate them using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and other supplies. Alternatively, some people commission artists to design Munnys for them, or artists design them to sell. The initial idea was undertaken by taggers (illegal artists) to display their works". - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munny

This project idea came to me when my friend suggested we design/decorate a Munny. I had never heard of these little figurines prior to this so naturally, I did a quick Google search to see what they were all about and what others had done. I stumbled upon a few designs where people had built tweeters out of the Munnies which appealed to my inner engineer.

I happened to know someone looking for a bedside lamp AND a small speaker for their iPod... I was also just itching for a fun little project to kick off the dreary six month winter season. It seemed the conditions were just right to turn this Munny into a music-playing light show!

Here's a quick video of what the finished product did:

Step 1: Tools & Materials


* Decent soldering bench:
      Cutters, Strippers, Tweezers
      Helping hands
      Assorted wires
      Soldering Iron
      Solder Wick
* Sharp knife
* Drill


* Mini Munny (you can get cheaper ones at the dollar store)
* Access to a good electronics supplier (ie. Digikey)
* Prototyping supplies (resistors, capacitors, breadboard, jumpers, etc)
* Electrical Tape
* Super Glue

I visited my local electronics store to pickup the audio amplifier and a speaker to do a quick and dirty proof of concept on the audio circuit which I did not have much experience with. After that I made my schematic and did my best to order all the parts I thought I would need in one shot from Digikey.

Total Cost: $30CAD (Munny itself was kind of pricey at $14)
<p>This is really great. I always wondered how good a Munny would look with a light inside and this answered. :)</p>

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