Picture of Muno (from Yo Gabba Gabba)
This is a design I created for the New York City Halloween parade.  Muno appeared with his buddies Sock Monkey and Mr. X (as featured in the classic Kia commercial). 

How d'ya like me now?
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Step 1: Materials and Prep Work

Picture of Materials and Prep Work
Muno was designed to fit a 6ft brit, who happens to be quite thin. This costume can be adjusted accordingly, but the instructions provided here will be for a tall thin person.

Weeks before starting this project, I had already decided the bumps on Muno's body would be made from the tops of 1 liter seltzer bottles. I made sure to save them so I had a large quantity at my fingertips.  Make sure you select a brand that has a perfectly round top vs one with a v shape!

5 yards of 1 inch thick foam
6 yards of red spandex (56 inches wide)
1 yard white spandex
1 square black felt (9x12)
1 36 inch plastic red zipper (large tooth)
1 20 inch plastic red zipper (large tooth)
aluminum pie pan
black mesh to cover mouth hole
24 bottle tops
rubber bands
hot glue gun
glue sticks
thick sewing thread
sewing needles

optional: broomstick, contact glue

LucDaRocka12 years ago
How much did the whole thing cost?
PTP Designs (author)  LucDaRocka12 years ago
Hi - I don't have an exact figure, because it was several years ago. But I believe I spent around $50-$60 on it. However. I live in manhattan and the supplies are usually more expensive here than in the rest of the US.
Ah, thank you very much! Where did you get all the foam? I forgot to ask!
PTP Designs (author)  LucDaRocka12 years ago
I usually get it from the futon shop on east 8th in manhattan or canal foam and rubber on canal. They both sell it by the yard or by the roll.
Ah.. Thanks!
Honus2 years ago
Love it!
ProfMuggs2 years ago
awesome costume!