Introduction: Murder Ride

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This is the perfect "Photo Op" for Halloween Parties

Step 1: News Paper and Tape.. and a Lot of Imagination

Picture of News Paper and Tape.. and a Lot of Imagination

We found a background that we liked in a Horror movie. Built a ten foot frame and stapled cardboard to it.

Step 2: "sculpting"

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We wrap the newspaper in masking tape. Doing it piece by piece. If you mess up you haven't destroyed the whole thing. Tape it to the cardboard.

Step 3: Getting There

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Cutting out eye holes and replace it with lights, or colored plastic. We painted white paper with blue paint so when light hits it. the eyes seem to glow.

Step 4: Paint It Black

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To give it a creepier look We painted it black between all the crevices.It reallty makes the creation pop.

Step 5: Finnish Line

Picture of Finnish Line

Let dry, add some lighting from the bottom pointing up and you have a piece your party guests will want their picture with for years to come.


EarlW2 made it! (author)2016-10-12

First we drew out a picture of what we wanted. Decided on a size, and just sort of "eyeballed" how big our pieces should be. Wrapping pages of newspaper with masking tape we sort of sculpted our bones. Wrapping the tape tighter in smaller bones and looser in bones that were supposed to be bigger. I really hope this helps.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-12

That looks awesome. Could you share a little more about how you made the bone shapes.

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