Murukku - a Spicy Asian Fried Cookie!





Introduction: Murukku - a Spicy Asian Fried Cookie!

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Murukku is a delicacy that all Asians love....even Europeans who have tasted it  have loved it ( that is.... those who can take the spice!)
It comes in all shapes and sizes.
You can keep it out for a month in an airtight container (only then will it be crispy)...if it last that long!

Step 1: Ingredients

200g     gram flour
4 tsp     chilli powder with the pieces
1/2 tsp  cumming seeds
4 tsp     sesame seeds
1 tsp     salt powder
4oz       water

I used a string hopper could use an icing pipe/cone

Step 2: Mix All !

Just mix all!...taste and add to spice if you feel you can take it...else reduce the spice.....(this has to be done before you mix the ingredients...obviously!!)

Step 3: Pipe It!

Pipe it any size you want into a cookie sheet.

Step 4: Fry It!

The heading says it all...lift it off the sheet gently and deep fry it

Step 5: Done!

And there you have an Asian delight! Eat when cool!



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    they are bad for my diet, but are soooo goood :)

    Thank you for sharing

    1 reply

    your welcome :-) btw...gram flour is good health wise...only the fried part is bad..
    you don't put on that much with this...i should kids eat this like rice...and never put on!

    I love these. Those look very similar to the ones I've bought. :)

    1 reply

    Try it and see if it tastes the same :-)

    when i get home im going to fill my grocerty bag

    1 reply

    Great!...let me know how it came out for you. Go low on the chilli if you are not used to 1 1/2 year old just gobbled it up with no complaints :-)

    it sure could create various designs with different piping molds!

    these cookies are the bomb i love them so much thank you from the student of south meadow middle school in hillsboro oregon

    1 reply

    Your welcome!