Hello! This tutorial will be the first in a series of how to use the program MuseScore 1.2! MuseScore is a program connected with an online website that lets you create musical scores and pieces. The program is free, and you can create an online account that can hold up to 5 scores for free also! You can upgrade to a Pro account if you enjoy MuseScore, because it has a lot more online features and can let you post as many scores as you wish! Anyway, I'm here to help you understand how to use MuseScore better. Enjoy! This is Part 1, where we will learn how to create a brand new score.

Step 1: Opening MuseScore 1.2

After downloading and installing MuseScore, which you can do at www.musescore.org, make sure there is an icon on your desktop. If there isn't, go to your home menu at the bottom left corner of the desktop, and search programs and files. When you find Musescore, right click and copy, then click and paste onto your desktop. Great! Now double click the icon on your desktop. The MuseScore 1.2 Logo box comes up, and then the default screen opens.

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Bio: I like to arrange and compose music for marching bands, saxophone quartets, and orchestras.
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