Welcome Back! I hope you checked out my last tutorial, which covered how to open MuseScore and create your very first score. Now we will cover the fundamentals of score writing in computer software, which is Note Input. Once you get the hang of manual note input, you can fly by and compose with ease. Here we go!!

Step 1: Getting Into Your Score Again and Starting Manual Input

First, open MuseScore. If you don't know how to do that, look in my last tutorial. Now go to the button that looks like a blue file folder, and click. Or press Control-O. You should have made a file in your documents section labeled "Scores". That is the easiest thing to do and is what I did. I won't put a picture of this, as it is easy and simple to do. If you could install MuseScore without this tutorial, then you can definitly open your score. My score is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. So, after opening the score, you need to get into manual input. Press N on your keyboard, or click the fancy N at the top corner of the screen by the notes, above where it shows which scores you have opened. The row of notes and accidentals will be your major writing artillery. Get ready to start composing with MuseScore! (Sorry, in the screenshot, I forgot to close the Online connection screen, sorry if it gets in the way of anything :/ It shouldn't, though.)

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Bio: I like to arrange and compose music for marching bands, saxophone quartets, and orchestras.
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