The other day I found a rock that looks like a foot. This one rock inspired me to build a "Museum Shelf" so I had a place to put it. On it we will set all sorts of neat things that we find in the woods and the creek.

Step 1: Finding a Log for the Museum Shelf

I found this log in the woods. I used a chainsaw to cut it into three parts. I hacked through it because I wanted to make it look off balance and "backwoods."

Step 2: Looking for Driftwood

I went to the creek to find driftwood to use for the feet and leg poles.

Step 3: Making the Feet and Shelf Poles

Step 4: Complete Museum Shelf

Just the way i visioned the "Museum Shelf"! We are going to keep in on the back patio. It will be filled up with interesting artifacts for many years to come!
I think I am going to have to make one of these! It looks great!
Thanks man! You defiitely should, especially with all the cool things you can find around your farm.
This is a great project and like you said, it would be perfect for things I find around my farm. I have some unusual things around here anyways, I might as well show them off haha
Finished Museum Shelf
I built the &quot;Museum Shelf&quot; about a week ago. Here are some updated photos after finding some interesting things to add.<br>
I think that if you give the shelf slabs a really thick coat of a clear gloss finish that it would really bring out the natural character of the wood and also make the display pieces pop out more. <br>there are epoxy resins that would work really well for this. <br>here's a website of rustic furniture for inpiration that I found from a quick google search. <br>http://www.dumonds.com/custom_rustic_4salenow1.htm <br> <br>a good thick glassy finish would really take your shelves to the next level. <br>
i like the rustic quality. <br>how did you connect the posts to the shelves? <br>
I used 3&quot; 10d nails. I nailed them in at an angle so that they penetrated the shelf.
I think I'd like this more if the nails were hidden. I think that if you peeled back some of the bark, nailed and then glued the bark over the nail head that would look better? <br>
Makes sence :)

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