Picture of Music CD + CD Cover - CLOCK ALARM
Here's something i was working on this days... (i made one for a "friend" of mine... and after that i tryed to make a second one with one of my most beloved CDs)
The general idea was to create a clock with a CD as background circle... but then i was thinking for a solution to make it stand up, and i came out with the cover of the same :D

Here's a Guide Step-by-step to create it (it's my first tutorial, so don't blame me if it's kinda messy, also, english is not my mother lenguage... so...)

This is a summary, you'll find the various steps moving on with the tutorial
STEP1 = You'll need a CD, his cover, an empty can, a knife, some glue, the mechanism of an alarm clock, something to heat, a ruler, a pen...
STEP2 = Take your CD and sign 12 points on it for the 12 hours
STEP3 = Take the cover and the Mechanism, get the exact position of the mechanism (so that the hands will be attached in the middle) and cut with the knife the shape of the mechanism on the Cover, cut also the paper on the back (the one with the track list)
Take the glue and attach themechanism into the hold you just cut, then take the piece of rear cover you and glue it on the mechanism (with a little hole in it) then glue the CD in his original position.
STEP4 = Take the can, cut the head and the bottom and take the middle section, so that you'll have a plane surface to work on.
Take a ruler and with a pen draw the shape of the hands of the clock, first make an hole in the right place and then with the knife cut the shape you just draw
STEP5 = Put the hands in their places and a battery on the back and you're done ^^
(EXTRA STEP6 = Why this could be a nice gift for someone and how)
FenriX (author) 2 years ago
I really hope that my location won't be a big problem for the contest... I don't know what the location is required for but if is there a way to avoid that issue i'll be glab to know that.
ProBodger2 years ago
Very nice, well done.
FenriX (author)  ProBodger2 years ago
Thanks!! :D