Music Clown





Introduction: Music Clown

No idea what's goin' on hur. =P

Step 1: Mouth

Using white eyeliner I outlined my mouth, then I used white body paint to fill it in, then black body paint to make piano keys.

Step 2: Eye Base

Using a jumbo eyeliner pencil I set that down as a base, then I used hot pink eye shadow on the middle and blended a lavender purple into the pink and out to the skin.

Step 3: Eye Brows

One eyebrow I made purple and the other I made a light green.

Step 4: Detial

Using white liquid eyeliner I made some details.. like a wing eyeliner with 5 lines (like a music sheet) and some music notes.

Step 5: Liner

Using a teal eyeliner and white eyeliner I lined my eye a little more normal with a cat shape.

Step 6: Lashes and Lid

Using the purple and green mascara I put them on my lashes, and I used a light blue cream makeup to blend into the pink on my lid to make a purpleish color.

Step 7: Random Detail

I then used hot pink shadow to shadow around the mouth and a white liner to add a swirl at the end of my smile.

Step 8: Tears

I then added some lavender metallic tears.

Step 9: More Shadows

Using matte black eye shadow I added more shadows on the mouth.

Step 10: Forehead

I added music notes to my forehead with white eyeliner then went over it with pink shadow.

Step 11: Neck

I made a bow-tie using white eyeliner.

then I got the hot pink and filled it in.

I used red glitter to start the shadow.

Then I used black shadow to deepen the shadows.

Then I outlined it with black.



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    This is a really neat idea, especially being a musician.!

    thank you thank you! =^.^=

    Once again a BIG Thanks for sharing this. It is really impressive the effects you obtain with make up. Stretching the toothy grinning mouth so extremely is an eye catcher.

    Thank you so much for your comments. It always makes me feel good. =]