Picture of Music Driven Laser Pointer Lightshow
Unlike the mirror on the subwoofer trick, this DIY shows you how to create a very cheap, music driven lightshow that actually visualizes the sound!

Step 1: Making the Visualizer Body

Picture of Making the Visualizer Body
I used a plastic coffee can for the sounding tube by removing the lid and cutting a large hole in the bottom. The vacuum form of the can's bottom gives a perfect template for cutting a nice, large round hole while leaving a lip around the bottom edge.
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zuljoule4 years ago
can someone explain this in scientific explanation????
i depend on you all
easy. Speaker moves air molecules to produce sound. The moving air molecules hit the rubber on the top of the can and move/vibrate that. That in turn moves the cd mirror, causing the reflection angle to be different. The laser then moves because of this angle difference, so the laser moves based on music.
yungblood6 years ago
Great idea! :) I'm thinking of making 2. 1 red, 1 green. And hook them up to the left & right channels of my sound system. :)
Make sure the red laser is much more powerful than the green one, since green light is about 70x more visible to the human eye.
great idea, does that distort the music?
It does sound a bit muffled, but a stereo splitter cable to another speaker helps.
vinhhx5 years ago
 goog idie !

alexrom175 years ago
What type of laser is that? btw very cool
mspearin6 years ago
you can also use a hard drive platter if you have one around it works better!!
I was thinking the same thing!
simplebeep6 years ago
This is one of the best instructables I've seen on this site. Wonderful work!
colin3536 years ago
that's awesome!
lukeman30006 years ago
The music at the end was made with the MTV music studio thing was it not?
i could just put the cd cut out peice on a peice of ballon and got a big sub to push a beta effect lol
This is really simple, and it gives really great quality. Who would have known? 5/5
GeekFans6 years ago
thisdude6 years ago
need to test this idea use a metal can and put bright leds inside then poke small random holes in the membrane(which would have to be opaque)
agent6 years ago
I'm gonna make one that has 3 different colors that are arduino controlled! Yay for epicness!
Spectrace7 years ago
i have that same exact laser pointer flashlight. Yay for walmart and 1.99 checkout items
i have the exact same laptop XD
thats where i got my laser pointer
babblin5 (author)  Spectrace7 years ago
I LOVE the cheap stuff! =D
yeah, its fun until it breaks. on mine, the LED light part, the head came off from the flexible part. but it still works. i have it taped on, because first i had hot glue but it didnt work too well.
babblin5 (author)  Spectrace7 years ago
I just cut that part off after a while and used the LEd for something else... =)
that would be cool to put up like 50 of these at once! VEGAS HERE I COME XD
rschack6 years ago
This is a great idea. It works well, and is very easy to make.
John_2346 years ago
Thats frickin brilliant! I might try it, with a green and red laser, to add a dual color light show will a magnifying lens or something increase the size of the observed laser show?
saxophones6 years ago
This is amazing!!!!!! my dad and I are going to do it, thanks for the idea
timmy1234s6 years ago
5 stars!
Painkilla056 years ago
now another thing to do would be to attach a second different colored laser at a slightly different angle to make more awesome effects.
slimguy3797 years ago
here is my end product. I built this like 1 hour prior to this video so I wasn't to sure what to play. I ended up playing Bob Marley's "Three Little Birdies" because its one of the few songs I have that have a true BASE (I hate rap) sorry about yank'n your chain about playing another song. I wasn't ready to find "Bus Stop" by the Hollies (my favorite song) so I didn't end up showing that song. also in the video the laser itself doesn't look that bright, especially when the laser get very broad loop like, but it is a lot better in real life. (well you know what I mean) hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed building it!!! thanks!!
slimguy3797 years ago
wow pretty cool for a bounce of house hold items (well my house) keep up the great jobs + I love people that use videos!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN
Kaiven7 years ago
sweet...btdoes the musicneed to be loud?
No it doesn't. But the way this works is by the movement of air in side the can. And the louder it is the more the speaker moves and thus the more the mirror moves making a larger picture
orksecurity7 years ago
Edmund Scientific used to refer to this as "MusicVision". They had developed a number of variants involving mirrors mounted directly, or on short pedestals to hold them off the membrane (allowing some additional resonance), or hung from strings (for wilder bounces -- you may need a broader light source for that, of course, since the mirror moves around too much for a laser to stay well focused). They also recommended first-surface mirrors, which will produce a sharper reflection. If you do use a broader-beam light source, that lets you mount multiple mirrors on a single membrane, for multiple patterns pulsing in time with each other as well as the music. It's sorta amusing to see people rediscovering homebrew "psychadelic light show" effects now, some 30 years after their origin. Back then it was _all_ homebrew; commercial effects projectors were mostly not available and even those which were tended to be treated only as a starting point.
Edmund's used to have a really neat Audio Visual show in Barrington, NJ. I loved to watch it. They demo'd all of their products. Alas they no longer have it or the retail store. They were bought out. I still have a set of those first surface mirrors! They'll also work if glued to a speaker with a piece of wood or plastic smaller than the mirror. It allows it to wobble...
cotton7 years ago
nice.....very cool
Very cool men! It's far greatest if you use several lasers with different colours!
ericlobdell7 years ago
Great Instuctable! I made this as a project for school, but used high quality materials. For the speaker and laser mount, I used MDF wood to create a sealed speaker box, and a fully adjustable laser mount. I used a cardboard tube the diameter of my speaker for the tube, which probably focuses more sound to the mirror membrane. More pictures to come!
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