This Instructable will show you how to turn an old PC case into a music gear rack, laptop stand, and computer desk organizer.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Note: You will probably realize that this project will only be good for shallow, lighter weight rack gear, and is definitely not a good option for heavy power amps or for transportation, unless you modify my design. This may work for keeping computer recording gear, such as interfaces, pre-amps and such organized and neat looking.

Materials and Tools Needed:

*An old (preferrably non-working) PC or PC case with an interior width of around 17.5" on one side, as this is about how wide a rack-mount device is. You should definitely measure whatever rack gear you will be using to get a good fit.
*Metal cutting tool (Dremel with a metal cutting wheel, Sawzall, grinder with a cutting disc, plasma cutter, etc.)
*Machine bolts, nuts, and washers OR rack mounting screws and hardware
*Drill with bit OR screw bit for Dremel tool
*Permanent marker
*Tape measure
*Gloves (metal is sharp!)
*Saftey glasses (Please!)

*Center Punch
*Hot glue gun or tape
If you drill through the rivets with an HSS bit that's 2-3mm smaller than the outside diameter of the rivet, it'll just drop through the existing hole in a fraction of a second.<br><br>Alternatively, hitting the top of the rivet with a bit that's larger than the outside diameter for just a second will also break it off, but you want to stop drilling before you hit the panel/sheet that the rivet previously held to prevent any unsightly differently-sized additional holes.<br><br>A Dremel with around a 3mm bit and set to full speed will make light work of any rivet sizes used in the above project or anything similar
Taking some rubber/plastic tubing and cutting a slit along the length, and slipping it over the sharp edge would work too. Maybe even glue the tubing in place to help keep it there.<br />

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