For Bonnaroo 2012 I went with a large group of people (20+). We decided to make a decorative pole to help our group find each other. The artist SBTRKT was playing that year, so we made a larger version of his mask that lights up.

The project was a success, my group could easily find each other and we had fun bobbing around with it during the late night sets.

We received a lot of praise and many people have been asking us how we made it. I figured this would be the best spot to post it.

Hopefully you can be inspired to create something similar!

• Box Cutter / Xacto Knife
• Drill
• Paint Brushes
• Epoxy
• Black Duct Tape
• Foil Duct Tape
• Blue Painters Tape
• Black Acrylic Paint (for solids)
• Yellow & Blue Enamel Paint (for transparent)
• 2x - 24"x36" sheets of Transluscent Cor-plast
• One equal sized sheet of paper for stenciling
• 4x - 3" long bolts
• 16x - washers
• 12x - nuts
• 2x - 3' Paracord 550
• Telescoping Flag Pole (20')
• Hula skirt
• Battery powered string of micro-LEDs (http://amzn.to/14CxcyT)
• Small Carabiner 
• A friend or two


On one sheet of Cor-Plast, draw a 30" tall oval for the basic shape of the mask. Leave room to draw a 2.5"x20" rectangle to serve as the side piece

Cut those pieces out and use them for tracing out the exact same shapes on the other sheet of Cor-Plast. Then, cut the same shapes out of the second sheet. 
<p>How waterproof was this? If it starts raining, will the enamel paint wash away?</p>
<p>As long as you use Corrugated Plastic, it should hold up fine. The paint won't wash away. </p>
<p>What if I use acrylic plastic for the base? I'm thinking of getting it laser cut </p>
<p>I'm thinking about doing something similar for a festival at the end of the month. Did you just buy a flagpole? Any recommendations? Also, did you have to hold it, or was it self supporting? I'm hoping to have something I can stake into the ground next to us (outdoors) so I can roam freely... </p>
<p>I believe this is the pole i used. <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Flagpole-Go-20-Foot-Portable/dp/B000OWM2BE/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1438708547&sr=1-1" rel="nofollow">http://www.amazon.com/Flagpole-Go-20-Foot-Portable...</a></p><p>this was made to be held. They do make flag pole holders that would allow you to attach it to your car's tire when it is parked. I'd imagine you'd have a difficult time finding a support structure that is more mobile. </p>
This totem has popped up for an artists named SBTRKT... Are you such a person? Cool totem by the way looking to make a ghostbusters one for my festival in September.
Yep, this was based on the SBTRKT mask he often wears. We were up front for his show at bonnaroo, and he even commented on it during his set.
That's a great idea for keeping your people together and it looks great. My only concern is it would be distracting to the other attendees if it was too close to the stage. It might prevented others from seeing the performers especially if you start a new trend.
I was concerned with that as well, but it actually extends higher than the performers on stage. If I were to make this thing again, I'd probably make it smaller specifically for that reason.
THAT is a really Cool Idea, and not just for music festivals either. Would it help if members of the group had badges or something with the same identifying symbol on? <br> <br>That way they could show the badge to explain that they were only trying to get to their friends and not trying to &quot;Push In&quot; or something. <br>

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