Music Flashing LED Lights How-to





Introduction: Music Flashing LED Lights How-to



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    whats the best led to use for this? i have a 500 watt amp and 50 watt max midrange speakers. i tried to hook them up to the midranges but they would stay lit and not pulse at high volume

    if i was going to do something like this in my car, using 8-10 leds per color, what size resistors would i need? I would use Red for my lows, Blue for mid, and white for highs. would i need anything else in order to do all of this?

    hey i am trying to do the same thing, have you found a way to do it yet?

    Can you guys do a IN DEPTH tutorial because im a noob at this stuff and its freaking sick and I want to do it really bad but its too confusing.

    check our step by step instructable out it has it in depth.

    thats so tight!!!......only thats total poo! i hooked mine up just like yours but nothing happens???? then i took a volt reader an im only getting 0.1volts out of the speeker :/ why is this( speeker works 100% well) you must be using an IC or something that you not telling us...right??????? PLEZ HELP i think thats so cool if i could get it working!!!

    Turn up the volume, aslo check and see if ALL of your LEDs are connected the right way, if only 1 is inverted it messes everything up. or if one is burnt out it messes everything up.

    thanks! but i only used one led befor doing a bunch so i dont wast my money... i tryed turning up the volume but am still not getting more than 0.5 volts and i think they need about 1.5-2.0 volts? oh man this vid is so tight!

    Did you try the LED both ways? and how big is your speaker? if it's a small speaker you wont be able to hear anything because of how much voltage is being sent out. ours came from a surround sound system.

    well the speaker is about the size of the one in your vid maybe a tad bit smaller. yes i tried both ways on the led. do realy good speakers use less power than a junky one cause i have a pretty gooood one. i spend a lot of time building things so i have a verygood understanding on electronics and how they work.... i just can't fig this one out>>>would the woofer hav more power???