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teddycustumz84 (author)2013-06-30

whats the best led to use for this? i have a 500 watt amp and 50 watt max midrange speakers. i tried to hook them up to the midranges but they would stay lit and not pulse at high volume

randyrogers04 (author)2011-04-11

if i was going to do something like this in my car, using 8-10 leds per color, what size resistors would i need? I would use Red for my lows, Blue for mid, and white for highs. would i need anything else in order to do all of this?

hey i am trying to do the same thing, have you found a way to do it yet?

trev2395 (author)2010-12-14

Can you guys do a IN DEPTH tutorial because im a noob at this stuff and its freaking sick and I want to do it really bad but its too confusing.

HM-Innovations (author)trev23952010-12-14

check our step by step instructable out it has it in depth.

creator22 (author)2010-11-29

thats so tight!!!......only thats total poo! i hooked mine up just like yours but nothing happens???? then i took a volt reader an im only getting 0.1volts out of the speeker :/ why is this( speeker works 100% well) you must be using an IC or something that you not telling us...right??????? PLEZ HELP i think thats so cool if i could get it working!!!

HM-Innovations (author)creator222010-11-29

Turn up the volume, aslo check and see if ALL of your LEDs are connected the right way, if only 1 is inverted it messes everything up. or if one is burnt out it messes everything up.

creator22 (author)HM-Innovations2010-11-30

thanks! but i only used one led befor doing a bunch so i dont wast my money... i tryed turning up the volume but am still not getting more than 0.5 volts and i think they need about 1.5-2.0 volts? oh man this vid is so tight!

HM-Innovations (author)creator222010-12-01

Did you try the LED both ways? and how big is your speaker? if it's a small speaker you wont be able to hear anything because of how much voltage is being sent out. ours came from a surround sound system.

creator22 (author)HM-Innovations2010-12-01

well the speaker is about the size of the one in your vid maybe a tad bit smaller. yes i tried both ways on the led. do realy good speakers use less power than a junky one cause i have a pretty gooood one. i spend a lot of time building things so i have a verygood understanding on electronics and how they work.... i just can't fig this one out>>>would the woofer hav more power???

HM-Innovations (author)creator222010-12-01

Yes the woofer should have more power, also keep in mind that sometimes there is a spike in energy comming from the speaker, and that can burn the LED. If you dont have the Led attached to an Ohm Resistor it can burn it on the first try. Use a white LED they have a higher resistance and start on the lowest setting for volume then turn it up slowly to see if the LED is even coming on. The woofer has enough to run the LED no problem.

creator22 (author)HM-Innovations2010-12-03

IT WORKS!!! what led's should i hook up to which speaker ??? as in what did you do. How many of each color did you use? oh i got it working on the other speaker to

HM-Innovations (author)creator222010-12-03

Hou can buy LED's from e-bay from China for about 1 buck lol,

If you have surround sound, Left speaker controls Blue LED and Green LED, Center controls Red LED, and sub controls White LED...

Because Green and Blue LED's have different resistance, they will light up at different times.

creator22 (author)HM-Innovations2010-12-04

haha true!:) ok your probly tired of me so last one...i think.

ok so if i hook up say 6 led's, would the volume have to be higher then if it were hooked up to only one it possible to make a power amp :/ ???

HM-Innovations (author)creator222010-12-04

Yea the more LED's the more power (volume) you will need.

Look two comments before this one (The_burrito_Master) he commented about this. I personally dont know how it would work. But he sugested to add a 9v battery with a 22k ohm resistor and a Transistor, Ask him with help about the low voltage amp. I know is possible but I'm not sabby enough for it. :(

Good luck though, let me know if it worked out :)

creator22 (author)HM-Innovations2010-12-03

also where can i get led's for chep

fidgety2 (author)2010-11-09

i feel as though i have been living under a rock my whole making life oooohhhhh the shame the terrible horrible shame i just found this and it looks amazing beyond words. i will make this it is my destiny

the_burrito_master (author)2010-10-13

I'd suggest using some transistors you wouldn't need to blare the audio in order to get light with low power systems. tip31 are great for audio bake sure to put a 22k ohm or more resistor on the collector tho, then just wire it up quite similar to this but add a 9 volt battery into the makeup.

trishya (author)2010-09-16

hi, is there a way to simplify the wiring to speakers and solder to a mini stereo jack (which would limit to 2 channels instead of 3) and thus plug into a basic hedphone to mp3 player? maybe not enough power/ signal. but not opening speakers either. im going to look into controllers. very nice instuctable, Thanks!

Mavamaarten (author)2010-08-29

Sweet :)

ungipungi (author)2010-06-14

hey you guys. i have a car system witch is very powerful and do you think i can make lightshow like this in my car

blindrulz (author)ungipungi2010-07-27

hey i have an idea n it work to a limit just buy neon light (12v) for car and connect it to your one of the speaker line u will see the effect ,it will glow according to the bass(if u connect to amp but dont increase the volume to very high........) check it out it realy workz...........

Soksume (author)2010-06-07

this is a very well directed Instructable great work the only question i have is how quiet can you have the speakers while the leds are still flashing ?

HM-Innovations (author)Soksume2010-06-07

I think that depends much on what kind of system you have, for example our Sound system goes up to 60 but our LED's were flashing as low as 9 the video has the sound system up to 19 so it really depends on ur system.

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