Step 4: Building the box

Picture of Building the box
Now we've got the plates for the box, we need to put them together.

Before you go and glue parts together, make sure first they fit nicely onto each other. We need all parts to fit nicely.

1. After fitting the plates get the glue gun and glue the first 3 plates together. If you have some trouble holding the plates together before gluing, you can use some tape to hold them together. This way you can put the glue on more relaxed.

After gluing the 3 plates you should have something like photo 2

2. After the glue is dried, it's time to glue in the side plates. First place them and see if they fit nicely.
If not sand the sides a bit so everything fits nice together. Then glue them on their place.

The last (bottom) plate will not be attached yet. We need to put the whole circuit on the bottom plate later and then put it in place.

At this moment you should have something like photo 3 and 4.

Is there any way to glue them together without the hot glue messing up the lighting? o.o idk, the glue has just been bothering me a little lol other than that it looks amazing :D
I know this is an old post but u can use "weld on" it's made for acrylic and leaves no glue marks. It's just like water. But u need to apply it with a needle tip bottle. And only apply it to the joint corners. And within 1 minute u have a seamless strong no residue hold. Just google weld on 3. It's pricey but should last a long time. and if u like working with acrylic. It can be used on thousands of other projects. It's a life saver. I love it
There is also special, water clear, plexiglas/lexan glue. If you beat me i can't remember where I got mine but make some calls to dealers in your vicinity.
As said, if you are careful you won't even see it and it holds great.
What your thinking of is Methylene Chloride. It essentially melts the two plastics and fuses them together. I used it quite often in high school. Most of the time the sheet itself would break before the joint would.
Use a squeeze bottle with a very tiny needle at the end, and squirt it into the corners of each joint. if the joint turns clear, you've done it right.
You can glue plexiglass like a pro if you use chloroform. You just need to hold the two pieces firmly together, and dispense a little chloroform with a syringe and a needle, all along the joint. It will simply fill the tiny gap by capillarity, so be careful not to put too much in there. Then you just let it dry still for about an hour, and presto!
Zem5 years ago
 With the bottom plate, are you putting the other plates on top of it? Or on the sides?
ClancyDawg5 years ago
Just an idea, but maybe you could make the bottom and/or back of the box mirrors, that way more like should come from the front and it should be brighter.
Sorry, I meant to say light, not like.