Step 7: Finishing up

We've now got all the parts we need. All we need to do now is put the bottom part into the cube to make it a whole cube.

1. Use the glue gun again to put the connector for the adapter right behind the hole. Tip: Plug the cable in before gluing. This way the connector will always be on the right spot.

2. Sand the sides of the bottom plate so it fits snugly into the bottom. You just want the bottom plate slightly bigger then the hole it fits in. This way, once you put it in there, it will get stuck and won't let go while moving the cube. We won't glue the bottom, in case we need to open it for some reason. So make sure the bottom fits in tight.

That's it!!
Now plug everything in and put your music on max and enjoy!

You can change this project as much as you like. Use any LED's you want, create the box that fits the best on your desk, etc. You can also build the cube from my previous instructable.

I used photoshop to show you how different colors would look like (photo 7).

I tried to make this instructable the way so everyone can understand it. I'll try to answer them all. If you want to make one and get stuck, we'll try to get through it together.
If you have any questions please don't be shy and let me know.

mmehzin1 year ago

how do i hear the music if we put audio jack in laptop?

samzimmer mmehzin11 months ago

Just buy an audio y-cable (splitter) then one output can go to the lights, and one to speakers/headphones

samzimmer11 months ago

Very cool!

Works out of a portable cd player, but not out of my laptop or phone... any reason why???

slamsam911 year ago
is there a way or setting where the lights have the option of simply turning on/off without strobing/reacting to music when you want? and then switching it back to being musically sensitive?
when you plug it in, can you hear the music play?
tgrant62 years ago
deepu132 years ago
how the music out put at the system is given in the cube??
dada113 years ago
if you're using an 12v audio amplifier, you could just connect the LEDs directly to the output terminal(for speakers), no need for transistor and power source but a loud volume for the LED to lit up.
sheadacus3 years ago
Love this project! Finished mine about a month ago. Used 100 LEDs and modified the circuit slightly. Made two frosted plexiglass towers and a long box under my dresser. Also put a switch for on/off/music on it. Enjoy.
G3orge263 years ago
Hello .... well i have to say that this is epic ... however led are quite ennoying in terms of positioning so i made this using led tape :DD and i have an important question to ask..... are you ready ?? :| is there any way to make this so that the really bass notes play ,say, in red color and the more light notes play in white color .. ?? ( sorry if this is hard to understand but i can't explain it better ...)
what im trying to say is that the colors of this box range between white and some other color .... :P
If you want that I recommend this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubQC839Pvqk :3 hope that helps
It would require and amplifier/filter. easiest way is to just hook these up to a surround sound with the input signals for one string of leds coming from the subwoofer and 1 string of leds for the speakers.
HI, could you tell me if this is possible, how can you make this so you can have a switch were you can select music mode soild color or not on at all and be able to select wich one you wanted, is this possible? thanks!
Use the wiring diagram in this instructable to have it switch between constant on and flash with music. I dont think you can have not at all, maybe a 3 position switch?
FTWhitledge3 years ago
If I were to use a molex from the power supply of my PC at 12v, I could do this with that correct? I would just have to watch the amperage if I were to string a bunch in parallel right?
arjoun3 years ago
when I plug the jack is working properly mias led the pa probe as I do for the LED and sounds foction ensenmble?? I want to answer plzzzzzz
kiler014 years ago
i jsut finished mine, but i have a bit of a problem: it only works on pc and when the wound is turned on to max. if i try it on something liek a psp it wont light up. how to increase sensitivity?
Implement audio amp IC. LM386N can work up to 12 volts.
nope wont work i used the same logic. the lm 386 requires a negative voltage so instead of ground you need 2 voltage source. one is a positive 12 volts. one is negative 12 volts. and also 90% of the time transformers are more than12 volts so that chip will fry...i have the burn mark on my finger to prove it lol
if you use fewer LEDs, then you will get a brighter light. for example, i have mine running off of a 9v battery, so i only use 4 LEDs set up in series. you could make it a series-parallel circuit too, if you want. that will let you get the same amount of light for less power.
dtompkins224 years ago
noob question but, how can you hear the music if the audio jack goes straight into, for example, an ipod?
Basically what Luong said.

BUT! If you really want to get creative what I did was I took a female audio jack port and I just attached the wires to where the other jack port was and there you go! Just attach your speakers to it and it should play just the same as a splitter and looks cleaner too in my opinion.

duggerpato4 years ago
Nice! It was a bit squirrely at first, but they work. Funny thing, I unplugged the power supply and the speaker source kept on flashing them anyways. Guess I didn't need the power supply after all. Must be because my LEDs are much lower intensity than this instructable.
ayushgarg4 years ago
hey i m doing the same way but just using 2 9v batteries...

I m bit confused abt how to connect the 3.5mm jack... when i open that wire i hv 2 bluish wires nd 1 red-brown wire... which one is what ...??
ayushgarg4 years ago
hey i m doing the same way but just using 2 9v batteries...

I m bit confused abt how to connect the 3.5mm jack... when i open that wire i hv 2 bluish wires nd 1 red-brown wire... which one is what ...??
Dude how to make two light boxes with a different flash!
tezza3215 years ago
Wouldnt it be also possible to put audio output on the box with the following method:- Items needed - 3.5mm male to female audio cable, take your 3.5mm male to female take the male end off and wire it to the same areas as the guide states above and the loose wire you didnt use (if you used the left wire it would be the right one and opposite) and wire it direct to the new audio output. edited the diagram to show this dunno if it works just an idea.
I am in the process of thinking of the same thing now, I think i have it figured out. I woundn't know till I try it though.
i have a question, do i need to use AC or DC current?
Definitely DC Current.
TR54 years ago
So the transistor is responsible for regulating the minimum voltage required to make the lights go off? Something must regulate that, otherwise it the LEDs would be on constantly for any given song. So how can you change the sensitivity of this "switch"? A different transistor?

I ask because I would like to add another strip that would flash at a different voltage, so that it would only go off when the music got even louder/ more intense.
so, I've got a light ring (25 LED's) and it's powered off of 4 AA's (4.6v.) i tried doing this by wiring it into the ring but it didn't work, will i have to do 3v. per LED (75v.)?
Yes but you can use this tool to help you use less voltage: http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz

Too much voltage is dangerous at those amp levels.
GreenD5 years ago
Could you just wire this in parrallel to your speakers? i.e. the audio plug from your audio device (comp/mp3) is directed in parallel to both your speaker system & this box system?
A 3.5mm splitter would do exactly that without any need for stripping or DIYness, but if you want to you can.
How could you make each light react to different frequencies in the music? Say you have a full set of nine lights, 3 were red, 3 were yellow and the 3 were green. The reds would react to low freqs and the yellow would react to mids, etc. I figured this would require 3 setup, each with its own transistor but if I had a good power source, like a computer PSU I wouldn't need to find a crazy AC>DC adapter. When it comes to selecting frequencies I'm stuck, would I use capacitors or resistors? Or neither?! :|
infanati5 years ago
alright i got a stupid question. if i were to plug that into my laptop i would have a problem since the only entries for that cable are the headphones and mic. so how and where could i plug that?
One way to do this is to have a set of external speakers. I have a head phone jack splitter then I have my speakers into one side and the lights into the other. It's working great for me! I'm not even using the same transistor. I'm using a LM7805 and it still works(as long as your over the input voltage requirement [5v in this case] you golden!).
Jujumagumbo5 years ago
Ok so i did everything, checked the wires and everything is connected to the right places, but when i plug it into my music source, whether it be my laptop or ipod, the lights turn on but dont flash to the beat. I am using four 2.8V LEDs and a 12V AC adapter, please help! thanks.
infanati5 years ago
another, would it be possible to replace the Tip31 transitor with a LM341?
tirth55 years ago
Does the box actually play the music so you can hear it?
what would i have to remove to make it so i didnt play music but had the original setup? would it just be the TIP31 transistor and the head phone jack.
corsi5 years ago
how do i hear the music while i am useing it?
xelex5 years ago
Got a question, how would i go about using this in my car? Cause i wouldnt be able to plug it into outlet. Ive got a sub im wanting to hook it up to, and an amp. So could i just run the power straight through the amp? If so will you explain this, as i am a complete noob with wiring and everything
iatraders5 years ago
Great Project, even a naive like me can do.
Well defined, I love INSTRTUCTABLES.COM.

Keep up the electronics simple to learn.
Good project, would you have any idea on how to connect some leds to a stereo speaker so that it will flash to the bass?
muzza1825 years ago
 Do you reckon, if you had the put going into an flash analogue to digital converter, then the outputs from the comparators go to the LEDs. To create the equaliser effect. You could then use green yellow and red LEDs. 
leon.aq885 years ago
have you tried using RGB leds?
doctorpsyco5 years ago
This is almost as cool as me, good effort! Any ideas where to buy the plastic in australia?
prnv_kohli5 years ago
can we use more led's using same source (i.e 18v or 12v). If yes, how can we do that and can i use a tip31c transistor
yeah u can, this will involve parralel wiring.

google it
Trollcop5 years ago

idk if this has been thought of yet or not but i was doing some thinking and i thought if you were to run Left into one set of LED's and Right into another you could have multiple color combinations within the same box and it wouldnt be tht hard to modify into the current plans. You'd need another converter more LED's and probly more power but it wouldn't be unheard of. Plus if you ran a wire Y splitter and had it going into the converter(s) you could have the other end leading to outside the box and plugged speakers into it.

Idk if it's too much to ask, but could you please post a cirtuit diagram of what you made.  I'm trying to figure out how to implement a transistor in a different project, but since i'm a massive electronics noob, i've no idea how to do it.  I might be able to figure it out from your diagram however, so if you don't mind, i'd greatly appreciate it.
xDGx5 years ago
Will a TIP41 do the same job as the TIP31 ?
jndopazo5 years ago
 I love love love your instructable, you keep things simple and it´s just a beautiful project.  I want to congratulate you on sharing this with all of us with such a great documentation.  I think you should try what BlackHatCracker is saying, imagine how beautiful this would be?

Congrats again!
I have noticed in the PDF file that is provided, that you say that your not using the red wire. Which is a separate channel. Using the stereo connector which is 2 channel, you could still in essence, wire a separate string using the red into the box. I don't mean to sound critical, or negative, just a thought of have you tired the bi-colored LEDs? Still approximately the same voltage, but 3 legs, and you can have 2 different colors, depending which ring is getting the sound to it. You would have to use a second set of SCRs to it, but have multiple colors according to the frequency that is hit at that time. If I am wrong then feel free to correct me. Love the project, going to have to build one using LEDs since I have one that is made out of old Christmas lights... lol.. It was a things I found and wanted to build it and since I worked for a electronics store, I had access to all the stuff I needed.. Good times... Now for a new one.. Time to hit the books again and do this. Thanks for the Great Idea, and the detailed notes. Great job!
newroger5 years ago
muito bom gostei desta ideia!
kevinjr035 years ago
The TIP31 is a transistor, and in this circuit it kind of acts like an electronic valve, that opens and closes based on the input from the audio jack. So no audio = no lights, and loud audio = bright lights.
I'm quite confused... If the jack is connected to the audio output from my computer or my stereo.. isn't the audio going to be shutted-of (like when you plug any other cable to this output slot)...

What I mean is: how would the audio sound, while the lights are blinkin, when the output signal is going to the lightbox?

(so, do I forcely need an extra pair of speakers and split the output signal with the music box)


(excuse my english, is not my mother language....)
r3k13m5 years ago
 I wonder if instead using the jack input, using a mic with an amp would be better....
Anyhow great diy =)
Awesome instructable. This is my first and I am going to certainly pull one together over the weekend... A couple of questions though

1. At the risk of sounding stupid. How do I hook this up?
The output of my laptop or iPod needs to go to a speaker unit. Do I need to make an adaptor set for dividing the audio output into two jacks.

2. Also, was just curious... the circuit here leads to a mono response (as only one of the channel is connected). Can we connect Left and Right cables together to the transistor.
yeah you can use a audio splitter for this, or if venturious you could find a pair of old speakers and try incorperating them into this. either way its a nice project :-) I currently have this rigged to a old broken mp3 player, the screen doesn't work so no idea whats playing but the box  is mounted on my wall moving with the music from it.
drats6665 years ago
You can make this little more complicated by adding a position switch.
using multiple tips and different color leds you can make the color selectable. position 1 can use red leds, 2 use blue, 3 use green etc. For this you'd have the power go to the switch and then each position feeds it to the tips that control the leds. you'd have to do a little more to make it beat to music but its still rather simple.

You can also do left and right by using more then 1 tip, example make outside leds use the left channel and inside use right, or left use left and right use right. you'd need more then 1 tip as said above but still cool.

All in all this is a very nice instructable. I'd definiately recommend this for people who are interested in basics of eletronic circuitry. this will help you understand how a circuit works.

This is a closed circuit, meaning everything is connected, but by adding a on off button or a switch it becomes a open circuit. 

A closed circuit simply means its 1 continious flow without a break in it. a open circuit is one with a break, example when the on off switch is set to off it breaks the circuit so power cannot flow.

if i have your permission I'd like to experiment with this by trying to add speaker system to it.
Reece 245 years ago
 wow! are all of those colors from the same box?
origamic125 years ago
This is great for electronic noobs like me. great job.

Is there any thing that can substitute for the 12v adapter connector. (the thing that you plug the 12v adapter into)? if not, is there anyway i can order it online?

Bpole35 years ago
 If i just want the leds with the 12v adapter so that it stays on all the time would I need the tip31? or how would i need to do that
CR4z1L0u5 years ago
This is an amazing tutorial......i have been wanting to create something like this for my room while ive got the music going.... i just could never figure it out..... so my question is to you what exactly does a TIP31 do and if there is power going through the circuit constantly how does the audio jack make the lights flash?......this is a great tutorial....i am just a little confused on how it works.
ewitwins5 years ago
Very nice! Have you ever considered using different colors in the same box?
JakeFrost5 years ago
 I love this Instructable. Very well laid out and affordable to do. Great job!
 I really like the look of your box. The diffused lighting and the way it all glows really give it some serious impact visually!

Thanks for the info and all, it was quite easy to understand.