Picture of Music and Guitar Stand Upcycled from old wooden Crutches
stand 28 finished.JPG
Here we have a multi use music and guitar stand made from one of a pair of crutches, a few wood odds and ends, some pieces from a broken artists easle, as well as a little purchased hardware. I hope you are not unlucky enough to have a pair of old wooden crutches lying around, but just in case you do, here is a musical way to upcycle them.

Most of the materials for this project were purchased at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. If you are able, the Habitat for Humanity programs in communities all over the US are a great way to volunteer your time and support. There are many ways to help. From actually volunteering at a build site, to donating new or gently used building materials and supplies. There is another way to help them, and that is to shop at "ReStores". These are stores run by Habitat for Humanity programs that sell excess donated goods. Donating to and Shopping at these stores for materials for your building projects not only helps their programs but it also helps our environment by keeping those materials out of landfills and in the workshops of creative people.

Now then, having removed myself from my "volunteer to save the planet and your community" soapbox, I'll continue on with this instructable. No, but seriously, support Habitat for Humanity. They're good folks doing good things everywhere.
opiewan4 years ago
great idea,almost wish i hadn't gave my old wooden crutches away many years ago.and to quote the Mike Granda song "WE WOULD HAVE NEVER LEARNED TO PLAY IF IT WASN'T FOR MEL BAY.' and i still can't.
I have that "You can teach yourself" book!
Way to support Habitat! Thanks! Cool idea too.
lidybug56 years ago
Very Inventive! Great way to reuse! Clear instructions. Im Inspired......Thanks!
Thanks lidybug! You R Awesome!
This is a great instructable and it needs all the support we can give it.
I know the frustration when you don't have the tools you want to build what you've got in your head, You've done a great job on this, what a cool unique idea, I hope you at least get your nail gun out of this. I've given you my vote. Good luck!
NICE, VERY NICE! Reuse fanatics everywhere are applauding, LOL. I'm making one for my son. We are one of the unlucky ones, we actually have an old pair of crutches in the garage, never occured to me to try to build something else out of those. Very creative. Thanks!
Capn Badger6 years ago
HA HA!! Joined just for you. You get my instant vote for being awesome. Now you have to be nice to me all day.
Vintiquities (author)  Capn Badger6 years ago
Awww, thanks man! You Rock!
What an awesome idea! Love the fact that you upcycled the crutch! You've got my vote.
mcraghead6 years ago
A great solution to a problem I'm taken at which I've made an attempt or two: "reduce the number of items you have to bring to a gig." And you've managed to encourage upcycling and get in a plug for Habitat in one fell swoop - Nice work!
Vintiquities (author)  mcraghead6 years ago
Thanks so much for your comment. You're my kind of people. LOL. Have a great New Year!