Free Hand Music Grip Holder for IPhone 5/5s (3D Printing)





Introduction: Free Hand Music Grip Holder for IPhone 5/5s (3D Printing)

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I have made this many months ago and finally I am putting it up here today so here you go.... If you like the design please vote :)


Project motivation:
There are tons of music app for iPhone but the phone is not ergonomically design to be use as musical instrument. So I wondered it would be so cool to be able to play my iPhone musical instrument app with one hand only.

Design concept:
The main support is on the large eclipse ring which hold the position of the iPhone and the thumb at the bottom to provide extra support on the platform when the fingers touched or pressed on the screen interface. There design comes in two pieces, one is the iPhone case and the other part is the support holder. Because the case is a separate piece from the holder, you can also customise case for other phones like Samsung, HTC, Nokia and etc.

I have updated the design for better support and comfort as attached STL files, the picture you see is the first prototype slightly different from the STL files but the concept remains the same. You may need to modify according to your hand size and shape for better support and comfort.

I have the case iPhone 4 & 4s, message me and I can send you the STL file.

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    Cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Right now I have no intention sell my design so I have made it publicly available for free which is part of my contribution to the community. If you or your friend have a 3D printer you can download the file and print it. The cost of making it from a 3D printer would be far less than $10.

    Haha yes you noticed! the brass knuckle kinda inspire during the design process.

    Nice design, and a good idea! I could see customizing this for easier one-handed operation beyond music apps, too

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    Yup, there are many possibilities. I would like to see someone harnessing the full potential of the phone using this grip holder, something like using the accelerometer sensor to play music notes based on specific movement like 'Sound Wand' app or in food order taking in waitressing with just one hand.