Picture of Musical Bra
The Musical Bra plays music when touched!

Tools needed:
- Conductive Fabric (strechable fabric)
- Fusible Interfacing (double and single sided - check your local fabric store)
- small nickel plated sew snaps
- conductive thread
- foam or thick felt
- regular thread/ needles
- a cheap/used toy with multiple buttons such as a keyboard (I used a keyboard from a thrift store for $1.00)
- velcro
- neoprene (or other sturdy, strechy fabric)
- a bra (preferably a bra that snaps in the front - unlike this sports bra used in this project, a front snap bra will make the bra easier to take on and off - this sports bra is not stretchy enough after sewing in the interfacing (I learned afterwards the importance of strechy conductive fabric and interfacing) You could also cut the front of a sports bra and introduce a velcro piece)
- multiple color wires
- soldering iron
- solder
- hot glue
- iron
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Step 1: Open Your Toy

Picture of Open Your Toy
Take your toy and open it. If the toy is hard to open, you've missed a screw somewhere. It should be easy to open with out prying or breaking plastic.

This keyboard had quite a few buttons. The less the easier and less confusing. You must find the main component you want to use for your bra which has the 'brain' of the toy. My keyboard had a small square board that all the wires connect to. You can snip these wires and toss out the other boards.

- strip the wires and with batteries connected touch the metal part of the wires to one another to generate sound. Mark the ones you like and/or snip the ones you will not be using. Remember, the less connections the easier :)

You can check step 3 of Plusea's "Wearable Piano Interface" if you require more info about understanding your circuit (
BananaH6 months ago


thepelton5 years ago
I wonder if you could make a Theremin bra?
Based on the fact a theremin produces pitch by proximity your gona be hearing 1 note for sure!
J-Five2 years ago
NOW, I've seen everything!!!
Kringlur3 years ago
I bet a (female) street performer using one of these could make some good money.
hominid5 years ago
I've got a musical cod piece that's similar.
bowmaster6 years ago
I made one of these for my gf and then used it as an excuse to grab her boobies. "I was just seeing if you were wearing the bra I made you"
Ha, probably told her you thought they were volume controls
Did she also mod it for 110v AC to see if you were paying attention?
No, she did make me singing underwear and sack-tapped me for a month.
nice chuckle chuckle
N1CK4ND05 years ago
Hopefully this doesn't get too out of hand on these comments lol.
Krasen6 years ago
Well I where hoping to see a picture with someone wearing it :}}
N1CK4ND0 Krasen5 years ago
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Great job! . What is it with the sudden influx of NerdGurlz? Y'all are putting out some fantastic iBles.
I think it is GREAT that they are showing off their talents finally :-)
kareden6 years ago
good good :)) experiments with the growth of breasts on the way as the Japanese with the crying child :))

Men have been staring at womens' breasts too long.. it's time we started listening to them!!

Nicely done, sarahlayne.
karossii6 years ago
Now all we need is a good video of it in operation... ;)
I agree! Where is the video of sarahlayne playing her bra? LOL Nice 'Ible!! :)
J-Five6 years ago
LOL I think someone has two much time one their hands.
sarahrox16 years ago
lol! this is an awesome instructable!!! but i had a hard time rewiring. lol! a musical bra!!! i can't get over that!
R4Man186 years ago
If you market these please (probably not the first one to say this) call it Titty Tunes
b_a_b_e6 years ago
karolsarah6 years ago
that's the modern wonder bra! but it the same bra after all. :)
Goodhart6 years ago
Nice. If you had used a small digital voice recorder or two, you could have it SAY whatever you wanted to (if you had a partitioned recorder, a button would play the proper words or music.
But, I am complicating things.....nice job.
wkuace6 years ago
I think i love you sarahlayne!!!
thats a bobo looking bra tho
caitlinsdad6 years ago
I suppose the build process and considerations would be the same for an athletic supporter if someone were inclined to make one. How are the fabric switches affected when the fabric is saturated with perspiration?
Vidar_766 years ago
Nice ible! (not just because it contain bras) The old joke some men say "if i was a woman ill wouldn't go to work, just stay at home and play with my breast all day" gets a new meaning...
PKM6 years ago
Step 10: Feel Your BoobiesTM ?

Do you have enough control over which of the switches you press that you can play a tune? I was expecting a simple hack with the "brain" of a musical greetings card or something, this is much more interesting.
webman38026 years ago
Hmmm... is this where the saying "we could make beautiful music together" comes from?