Introduction: Musical Fruit Using Drawdio

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By connecting some fruit or vegetables together then either by using resistors or wires.

Step 1: Drawdio Circuit Board

First construct a drawdio circuit board

Step 2: Fruits or Vegies

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Pic fruits or vegies that have a high amout of liquid in side

Step 3: Wiring the Fuit

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Start inserting wires or resistor depending how variant you want the sounds

Step 4: Connect Drawdio

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Next Pick the fluid that is going to be the base and use a alligator clamp (or a soldered wire on the drawdio) in one of the fruits

Step 5:

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Lastly use another allegator clamp (or wire) accross the fruit of you choice


crampedyogapositions (author)2009-05-02

what sound is there when you eat the fruit? you should make a video

dombeef (author)2009-05-01


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