Step 1: The circuit diagram

Picture of The circuit diagram
The circuit is very simple and consists of just four components: the battery, microcontroller, piezo speaker and switch.

The switch (not shown in the diagram) is just two strips of metal pressed together, with a piece of paper in between. As the card is opened, the paper is pulled away and the two contact each other, thus closing the circuit.

A fragment of the code is shown, too. The program takes up 56 locations in memory. The PIC10F200 has 256 such locations available. A melody consisting of 200 notes or so can be fitted in to this chip.

This should be sufficient for a musical greeting card.
 want to make my own musical greeting card.
i have try to search it on google but i was getting only sites of dealers & greeting card sellers.

i have read like that they are using either voice recorder IC or micro-controller.

how can i load music files or my own voice in that chip.
is there any software for loading file in it then which format it supports.??

can anyone please tell me how i can get detail of circuit of musical greeting card.

thanking you all in advance...!!
khushboo5 years ago
i would like to see the circuit diagram but im not able to acess it.