I wanted to make a gift for my wife that would mean more than just going out and purchasing something. This YouTube video was the inspiration for my Musical Jewelry Box. I did several things differently than the author did, however it did sparked the process behind my build.

Original Design Goals
 - simplicity, it should be quick and easy to build
 - look good, I want her to like it
 - unique
 - play her favorite song when the box is opened

As Built Design
 - for the most part, it was simple to build
 - it looks good, it even includes a picture frame with a photo in it
 - unique, It is the only one I built
 - plays a list of her favorite songs when the box is opened
 - functions as a MP3 player with volume, previous and next, and play and pause control 

Step 1: The Cigar Box

The box I selected came from Nicaragua and is made from solid mahogany. I used a heat gun to remove the stickers. The heat and the sticker also removed some of the finish.

- cigar box
- sand paper
- stain
- polyurethane

What I Did
- carefully disassembled the box, the hardware will be reused.
- removed all the stickers
- sanded, stained and refinished the box

i just used the same player in another project. i removed the battery and have it running on usb power only. i used a usb car sig charger and soldered that on a 12v adapter. works a charm. Will add a pic if you want.
This is a great idea! Any way you can give a complete material list?
That is so cool! Awesome idea and awesome job putting it all together :)
Thank you for your kind comment!

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