Musical Pick Up Sticks





Introduction: Musical Pick Up Sticks

In this instructable we'll show you how to make your own set of musical pick up sticks. Play them on your own or with friends.

Step 1: Find a Set of Cylindrical Chimes

Go find a set of cylindrical chimes at any store, whose tuning you find interesting, or pleasing to your ear. [Multi-colored chimes are beneficial. If chimes are all one color, get colored permanent marker, to label the metal, in thick stripes, across each cylinder.]

Step 2: Cut the String

Cut the string, so chimes are independent.

Step 3: Discover Tones

Drop the loose chimes on a cutting board, tabletop, or on various texture hard surface floors — to discover different combinations of tones, diads, and harmonic intervals and relationships.

Step 4: Create Music

Create melodies, harmonic patterns, or simply play chance operations of realtime music composition! Play at will.

Step 5: Pair With Other Instruments

Pair with other instruments in that key, or in similar rhythmic structure, to create arrangements, and found sound music. (examples: FM3 BuddhaBox machines, looping DAW, pedal rig, etc.)



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