The Musical Table is a toy table that allows kids to play musical phrases by moving toys around the surface.Each of seven switches can play different musical phrases in four bases, making 27 different musical phrases in total.  Some of the phrases are musically related and some of them are not. This toy table can help kids to develop musicality by playing phrases in logical order. The table also allows you to play two phrases at the same time. Depending on which phrases are played together, the sounds can be melodic or chaotic.

Step 1: Product Details



- Aluminum foil tape

- Solid hookup wire

- Ribbon wire

- 2 Arduinos

-12 10 K resistors

- 2 speakers

- 4 sheets of foam board (20 “x 30”)

- 7 toy robots (or any other your favorite toy figure)

- 2  8-ohms speakers

- screws/ nuts (to secure the table on a stand. But optional.)




- Wire stripper

- Utility knife

- Soldering iron/solder

- Solderless breadboard

- Ruler

I love it, very nice build. It is really a good idea and a fun thing for kids. Only thing I would do is use just the atmega328 microcontroller(s) instead of putting 2 arduinos in a project mainly because of the cost.
That's a great idea. I&nbsp;didn't think of that. I&nbsp;was also informed that there is a way to play polyphonic melodies (not just tones) with one Arduino, but I&nbsp;haven't had a chance to figure it out. Any idea?<br />
You could have polyphonic samples on a SD-card that play when selected. Another nice id would be to have those small 25mm round RFID tags in the toysfigures and RFID readers integerated in the table. Then there are no holes in your table.<br /> Or those rectangular RFID-cards: you could print a certain pitch and/or duration on then and when kids place cards on the table, the table plays what is on it. Kind of musical card-game.<br /> <br /> Just some ideas to boost you creativity even more ;) but I still love your original idea
That's a great idea. I should definitely try that. It will open up more possibilities. Thanks.
We <em><strong>so </strong></em>need to see a video of this in action!<br />
I&nbsp;just put a video up. It's just an iphone&nbsp; video documentation, but it works.<br />
Agreed! I want to use this in my class :D<br />
<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="" title="">This should be great!</span></span>

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