This instructable walks you through the steps of creating and installing a unit that will play any audio for up to 20 seconds when a toilet is flushed.  The audio is easily recorded onto the unit using a built in microphone. 

Here is a video of the finished product:


Tools + Supplies:

Radio Shack Recording Module  ($10.99)
Soldering Iron
Copper Wire
Electrical Tape
Duct Tape
Hot Glue Gun
9 Volt Battery
Momentary Switch (Push Button)
Project Box (I used a plastic 16mm film container)
Exacto Knife

Optional but useful

Wire Strippers
Third Hand Soldering Station

Step 1: Extend Play Button

Remove the "Play" button from the center of the circuit board by unbending the little metal ring that holds it in place and removing the rubber button.

Cut two 3ft long pieces of copper wire and strip the ends.

Solder the two wires to the exposed metal terminals of the play button.
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