Step 7: Installation

Attach the 9 volt battery and place it inside the unit.

Put duct tape on the back of the project box and stick it on the side or back of the water tank.

Remove the cover to the water tank.

Find the lever device that the float is attached to.

Place the "play" button in the crack where the pivot point for the rod that holds the float is.

Play with the positioning of the button so that it is fully pressed when the toilet is flushed.

Once you find the sweet spot, hot glue the button in place.

Place excess wire leading to the play button inside the project box.

Cover the water tank.

Hold down the record button and speak or play music into the microphone.

Flush the toilet for playback.
so funny ahhaha! :P
I think someone has too much time on their hands. LOL!!!!

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