For play, for music, for oenophilia!

Remember when you were younger and you went to a nice restaurant and they served you water in a wineglass? And you learned that if you ran your finger around the rim, you could make the wineglass "sing" with vibrations- and at different pitches, depending on the amount of water into it?

This Instructable shows you how to turn a regular old wineglass into a musical instrument that anyone can play. You tune the glass to find out how much liquid it needs for a given note, then etch the glass with glass etching cream so that the notes are easy to find.
Put some fun back in your wine drinking habit!
Wait, wine is fun anyway.
Now it's more fun.

Step 1: Materials

Wineglass (I used a cheap set of four wineglasses I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond)
Etching cream
Tuner (you can use your iphone or laptop for this; there are many free services)
optional precision measurement tools
optional extra containers for water
Thanks! I've been having a heap of fun learning Christmas carols on glasses cause of this page! :)
Searching for 'how to tune' musical glasses, I found your page. Too cool, because when I saw how expensive the 'ready made' glasses were, glass etching came to mind. <br> <br>Great minds, you know. :-) Thanks for sharing!
Does the glass have to be crystal
Nice project! This would be a great addition to those custom etched wedding glasses.
Interesting, but I would like to hear a MP3.

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