Step 5: DyeBath

Picture of DyeBath
Fill your 18 gallon plastic bin a little under half-way with as hot of water as you can get out of the tap and make sure you're doing this in a place that will survive getting dye spaters arround. No matter how carefull you are, there will be some contamination of the surrounding area.

Carefully pour in your dye mixture. I actually put some more water in the mix then the instructiuons so that the hot boiling water would bring up the temp of the bath overall. REMEMBER with RIT, hotter is better (within reason).

Keep the fabric down in the bath with a stick. I used a pice of PCV pipe. The max absorbtion time seems to be a half hour according to the RIT box. I fliped the fabric ball, which was realativly flat on the oposing sides, every 5 min or so, for a half hour.