To make a radical mustache bow tie you will need:
  • felt
  • elastic
  • cardboard
  • gluestick
  • needle
  • thread
  • 5 minutes

Step 1: Draw, Cut, Glue, Cut

  1. Make a cardboard mustache pattern.
  2. Using the gluestick, glue the pattern to your felt.
  3. Cut felt to match the cardboard pattern.

Step 2: Finish and Don

  1. Sew the elastic to the stache.
  2. Sew the elastic in loop large enough to stretch over the wearer's hear.
  3. Put it on.
<p>Fawful quote: &quot;Those mustaches i hate them&quot;</p>
Cool! Hahaha =D
Cool! Hahaha =D
Love it!
Thanks for this AWESOME 'ible! I am making one right now!
Bowties are cool. Mustache bowties are almost cooler (!)
So off-the-scale mad, it's pure genius!
Thank you!
Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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