Picture of Mustache Bow Tie
To make a radical mustache bow tie you will need:
  • felt
  • elastic
  • cardboard
  • gluestick
  • needle
  • thread
  • 5 minutes

Step 1: Draw, Cut, Glue, Cut

Picture of Draw, Cut, Glue, Cut
  1. Make a cardboard mustache pattern.
  2. Using the gluestick, glue the pattern to your felt.
  3. Cut felt to match the cardboard pattern.

Step 2: Finish and Don

Picture of Finish and Don
  1. Sew the elastic to the stache.
  2. Sew the elastic in loop large enough to stretch over the wearer's hear.
  3. Put it on.
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twilightfox2 months ago

Fawful quote: "Those mustaches i hate them"

btenriqwez2 years ago
Cool! Hahaha =D
btenriqwez2 years ago
Cool! Hahaha =D
Wasagi2 years ago
Love it!
TabbyDeAnne2 years ago
Thanks for this AWESOME 'ible! I am making one right now!
spectacular2 years ago
Bowties are cool. Mustache bowties are almost cooler (!)
wobbler3 years ago
So off-the-scale mad, it's pure genius!
wizgirl (author)  wobbler3 years ago
Thank you!
sunshiine3 years ago
Love it! Thanks for sharing!
wizgirl (author)  sunshiine3 years ago