Mustache Mascot Costume

Picture of Mustache Mascot Costume
The Mustache Dache, a mustache themed 5k, commissioned me to build a mascot. Based on my previous costume work, it only took about a day. I'm sure there aren't thousands of people building mustache costumes out there, but hopefully the techniques will help make your build a success.

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Step 1: Materials/Techniques

Picture of Materials/Techniques
For this project I used a foam rubber substructure upholstered in a furry black fabric.

You can use either EVA Y-20 foam (ethylene vinyl acetate) or XLPE (Cross-linked polyethylene foam). Both are similar to yoga mat material, suitable for use with hot glue or contact cement, come in a big range of thicknesses for stiffness, and after sealing can be painted if needed. For the strongest permanent bond always use contact cement. Follow the instructions and allow it to dry to a dull finish for ~15 minutes to get maximum grab.

You can cut the foam rubber one of three ways depending on the type of cut:
Scissors: Better on thick material but may leave a rough serrated edge.
Long box cutter: gives a clean edge.
Hot knife: Works well on thin material with very tight contours. 

I've price shopped the entire internet. Cheapest foam: My local fabric store, Joann's Fabrics, always has a weekly 50% off coupon that cuts cost on the fur which is $20/yrd.
duckymomo413 days ago
Ha ha
Wow. Just wow.
jessyratfink8 months ago
Every time I see the main photo I laugh. SO GOOD
sokiboi788 months ago
LOVE IT! ALL u need is MILK!
Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)
arichardson209 months ago
This is awesome. Nice legs!
sabu.dawdy11 months ago
loll... i loved your costume =D
Partybot (author)  sabu.dawdy11 months ago
Thank you so much.
beme201311 months ago
That's amazing! Now I can be a giant mustache for Halloween! Yay!
Partybot (author)  beme201311 months ago
I would love nothing more than to see a herd of mustaches roaming the streets.
bob303011 months ago
Aubryn11 months ago
This is the coolest thing EVER!!!
Jessie Marie11 months ago
Haha this is awesome!
thematthatter11 months ago
where did you get googly eyes that big?
Partybot (author)  thematthatter11 months ago

Archee McPhee.
poofrabbit11 months ago
The mustache craze cracks me up! I adore the costume well done!
Partybot (author)  poofrabbit11 months ago
Ha. Thanks! I'll have a dragon costume and a herd of minion costumes posted in a few weeks. I know I'm an addict when I find a way to make 7 costumes per year.

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