I modified this video tutorial in order to create a mustache bracelet! Enjoy!

Step 1:

You will need: One strip of pegs from a rainbow loom, two colors of bands (Mine are red for the framing bands and silver for the mustache bands. You will need more than twice the number of framing bands than mustache bands), a hook, and two s-clips (c-clips work just as well).

We will only be working on the first four pegs. Hook a red band over the first peg and twist it once before looping it over the second peg, so it forms a figure eight between the two. Do the same between the third and fourth peg. There should be a space between the two bands so that they don't overlap on a peg (see picture).

Place a silver band in the same figure eight pattern between the second and third peg, bridging the gap between the two red pegs. You should now have one red loop on the first peg, a red and silver on the second peg, a red and silver peg on the third peg, and a red loop on the fourth peg (see picture). These are the only bands that will be twisted into figure eights. The rest will simply be stretched between pegs without any twists.

Place a red band between the first and second peg, and another between the third and fourth peg. You should have two red loops over the first peg, two reds and a silver on the second peg, two reds and a silver on the third peg, and two red loops on the fourth peg (see picture).
<p>I'm confused about how to make the mustaches pop out and not be hidden</p>
<p>Cool bracelet!!</p>
Where did u get this silver colour bands<br>Send me the answer on my email<br>qwertysamahahmed123@gmail.com
<p>It is so beautiful!Thanks for this!</p>
<p>I THINK I got it :)</p>
<p>Yay !!!! What do you think of the finished product?</p>
I need help with your bracelet can you help me pleasee
<p>Sure, no problem. What part were you having trouble with?</p>
<p>I got confused at the part where you were placing the bands. Please help!</p>
<p>Do you mean the very beginning where you're placing bands on the loom, or later on? I'm happy to help, just let me know which part you need help on.</p>
<p>The beginning. Thanks!</p>
<p>No problem. In the beginning you start with the color you want on the outside (in this case, red). If you have a loom that comes apart, you only need one strip of the pegs, not all three. Imagine that the pegs are numbered peg 1, peg 2, peg 3, and peg four. I always start with these pegs on the end rather than the middle, but that's up to you.</p><p>Place a red band over peg 1 and twist it once before placing the other end of it over peg 2. This way it makes a figure-eight pattern. </p><p>Do the exact same between pegs 3 and 4. This should leave a space between the two figure eights. They shouldn't overlap. (see photo)</p><p>Now take the color you want your mustache to be (in this case, grey) and place it over pegs 2 and 3, making the same twist to make it a figure eight pattern. (see photo)</p><p>It may help if you think of it as layers. You do a layer of red on the outside, then a layer of grey on the inside. Now we need another layer of red. Copy the figure eight pattern with a red band over pegs 1 and 2, then again on pegs 3 and 4.</p><p>Now take a close look at the bands on your pegs. You should have two bands around peg 1, three bands around peg 2, three bands around peg 3, and two bands around peg 4. Anytime you have three bands around a peg, you want to hook it over. Simply take your hook and grab the lowest band on peg 2 from the side facing you. Now just lift it up and over to the other side of the peg and let it go. Do the same for peg 3.</p><p>Now you should only have two bands on each peg. This means we go back to our layers. The last layer you did was red, so this time we want grey. Remember, grey only has one band that stretches in a figure eight pattern between pegs 2 and 3.</p><p>Now look at your pegs closely again. You have two bands on peg 1, three bands on peg 2, three bands on peg 3, and two bands on peg 4. Remember, anytime there's three bands on a peg, we hook the bottommost band over to the other side of the peg.</p><p>Does that help? You just alternate between adding a new layer and hooking the bottom layer over. Let me know if there's any other way I can help!</p>
<p>I don't get inner red band hooking thang x</p><p>I've made the braclet but I'm getting stuck at that ^</p><p> |</p>
<p>Hi MissMaker :)</p><p>I explained this in a previous comment to kalizgr8, along with a picture, so hopefully that post will help you as well. If not, let me know and I'll try to be more specific. Thanks!</p>
<p>this is hard</p>
You know, if you actually gave specifics on what you found hard, maybe I could help you. This is neither positive nor constructive.
<p>i found this confusing </p>
<p>Im trying this i really like it i hope it works ill let u know #hope</p>
<p>I'm so sorry but this is confusing. And No, I cannot watch the video bc my internet is too slow.</p>
<p>Same with me its terrible i got very confused! :( XD</p>
<p>Same to me :P we have the same feelings about this...X-( :P :P :P :P :P </p>
<p>Well if you would tell me where you're getting hung up instead of just saying it's confusing, maybe I could help.</p>
<p>that is so cool where do you get your rainbow loom ideas from?</p>
<p>I just Google/search on You Tube for some fun designs and then see if I can modify them.</p>
<p>double cool :D :)</p>
<p>it was very fun figuring out how it's done... I finished it though</p>
<p>Wow you are Houdini! the great maker and magician! </p>
<p>I'm glad you tried it out! I hope it wasn't too difficult to understand...</p>
<p>how do we finish it?</p>
<p>Just let me know what part has you confused and I'll try to help. You close it with s-clips or c-clips at the end.</p>
<p>This is really confusing. Just saying.</p>
I'll help however I can. Which part has you hung up?
That is awesome! Love it in black and white as well :)
<p>Thanks! I think the contrast of the black and white works the best.</p>
<p>Yes but do you know how to make a moose bracelet?</p>
*manic gleam* not yet, but I'll figure it out!!
<p>Well after i put the bands on, i'm so confused i don't know which ones to turn over? please help, do you have a video? They really help me if i can watch someone.</p>
<p>Hey, sorry for the delay! I don't have a video, but I'm hoping this picture will help. See inside the green circles where it looks like the pattern was interrupted, like there's almost a loop missing? This is where I hooked that loop and brought it around to the underside of the bracelet, linking it to the one on the other side and making a simple chain of bands until the next time I bull bands back. These are just to uncurl the bracelet, so it doesn't have to be pretty on the underside.</p><p>Does that help?</p>
<p>Rose, I really need help, i just can't figure this thing out</p>
Alright, no problem. What step are you having trouble with?
<p>Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!</p>
You should make me one
<p>If you want, sure!</p>
This was kinda confusing. I had trouble figuring it out
I'm sorry about that. I tried to make it as clear as possible, but even I had trouble trying to figure out how to explain things. Is there anything I can help you with?
<p>I only use pictures and a few words to explain what to do because I had trouble explaining things with words</p>
<p>I'll keep that in mind, thanks!</p>

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