Yeah baby!  An actual, physical, sittable Mustache Ride.  On which you can ride.  Don't tell your boyfriend.

The object is made of an upholstered metal frame resting on heavy-duty plywood rocking legs.  It contains a pressure sensitive switch in the seat, which when activated, starts up a vibrating motor.  Unplugged, it is suitable for children.

I tend to do only high level planning and then work out the details as I go along, so I have very few design notes and I ended up changing it up a fair amount when I encountered fabrication constraints.  The notes are here, though, in case you are interested in my minimal design process.

After making this one, I made two more, in different mustache styles.  I used the same basic technique so I didn't take any in progress pictures, but I include some finished pictures.  The second is a blond walrus mustache style, which I associate strongly with the 70's so I tried to make the legs kind of 70's blobby/colorful.  The final one is a Fu Manchu style, with a Chinese red set of legs.

Step 1: Saddle frame overview

The frame is made from welded steel and mattress springs, as follows.  Materials:
  • about 8 feet of 1" square stock of mild steel
  • 18 springs reclaimed from an abandoned mattress
  • about 10 feet of coiled wire spring from the same mattress
  • oxy-acetylene torch
  • MIG welder
  • angle grinder
  • soap stone or chalk
  • ruler
  • grinding wheel
  • welding table (not essential but it helped)
  • metal chopsaw (angle grinder can be used instead)
The first thing I did was draw a diagram of what I was going to build.  The frame of the saddle, I decided, would have one central bar, curved into a vaguely mustache shape, and a pair of struts on each side to support the width of the center part where someone would actually sit.

I drew a picture of half of the top-down view of the frame (including spring layout), and half of the side view (without springs).  I drew some guide lines as well to help me keep track of what curves went where.
Poor Rachel, this project may indicate she doesn't get mustache rides from her boyfriends. ;) Perhaps adult entertainment web cam models would be willing to purchase them?
<p>Or maybe it's that her girlfriends don't have mustaches.</p>
<p> I guess that could be the case as well. Although those who enjoy same sex romantic relationships, don't bother me, I just don't give them much thought, so such pooabilities don't enter my minf.</p>
<p>just plain awesome </p>
I think this is fab! Might make one for somebody I know...
Love the concept and execution. <br>My only problem has nothing to do with this device, I just want to know where are all the protesters complaining that it is unacceptable because it is demeaning to men by putting them in a subservient position to women?
That's sarcasm for those who couldn't figure it out.
Well THIS male thinks it's a hoot, if it matters! :)
What I don't understand is why the motor is fitted to the rigid frame, standing firmly on the floor. Did you try attaching the motor to the tops of the springs, where it would be much more free to vibrate? I was thinking maybe attach it under a narrow plate slipped between the springs and the upholstery, putting the motor in a gap between the springs. If it worked better, you could use a smaller motor, less current &amp; power, or it would be better! Also it would isolate the vibration from the floor......?
You're totally right, the motor as I installed it tends to vibrate the floor as much as the rider. When I built it I could not think of a way to embed the motor I had into the springs without an enormous tangle, although now I think I have and I may well retrofit this into the thing! If I do I'll post another step or two discussing it.
Awesoe! so creative! :D love it hehe. :)
Send them to Howard Stern. Seems like his kind of thing.
I have ridden this! It is, in fact, awesome! :)
reminds me of super troopers
LMAO - i have tears in my eyes, LOLOLOL
That eraser image note caused an extreme coughing fit as I choked on my coffee.
What is the eraser image you refer to? I couldn't find mention of it.
check the instructions for the motor.
Best instructable I've seen in a while! But, why not tell your boyfriend? If he's smart, he won't mind at all. And if he's smarter, he'll wire a &quot;secret&quot; cut off switch into your electrical cord, and then be conveniently &quot;there for you&quot;, just at that exact right moment, when the power mysteriously fails, to &quot;help save the day&quot;. Yea, that's the ticket......
Wow! Wonderful, inventive, honest. Your dedication to the task, we see from the photos, actually created at least three of these! What have you done with them? I would like to have heard a little more about the experience such as the comfort of the ride and to see how the vibrator was placed and if it turned on, I mean turned out, to be 'effective.' Would like to see also a photo of you or a model seated to get an idea of the comfort of the seating position, such as if the height is optimal. Your math in the drawings was also impressive. Simple. To the point.
Welding the springs is going to be problematic due to the heat stress induced in the metal next to the weld. With 30 plus years welding experience, most good welds I see that fail are actually the metal next to the weld. As you get on and off of the seat you will be putting twisting and bending motion on the weakened part of the springs and they will break. A better way to secure these would be to use mechanics wire (tie wire, lacing wire, leaded wire, what ever they call it where you are at) it is soft pliable steel wire. Tightly wrap the wire 3 or 4 times around the joint and twist the ends a couple times. Making sure the ends point in away from the padding. This will allow the springs to move as they need to and not stress them. As the spring can move you may want to put a bend in the end of the spring to keep it from slipping out of the joint. <br> <br>The wife could have a new computer chair for Mothers Day now I know what to do with that saddle that was too good of a deal to pass up ;-)
I wish you could do another one with &quot;tongue and groove&quot; joinery! YeeHaa! Great job.
Looks like a perfect Mother's Day gift to me. <br> <br> <br>I'll bet it'd be interesting to experiment with other kinds of upholstery. Fake fur doesn't really do it for some people... I'll bet merino wool would be lovely (either felted or in gathered bundles of yarn to look &quot;mustachey&quot;) <br> <br> <br>I can see them as great fundraisers if they were auctioned off at some charity, but... <br> <br>wait... you're not going to keep them???
Doesn't this seem like a lot of extra work? <br>Great write up.
Very nice designs.
Very... errm... Interesting... <br> <br>Something else to ferment in the back of my mind, thanks for that.

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