Picture of Mustache Straw
Mustaches are classy. And who doesn't want to be classy when taking a sip of their favorite beverage? Not me.
These paper mustaches are quick and easy to make, and will bring a smile to your friends faces...along with paper facial hair.

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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
  • Card stock, or a stiffer paper, in whatever color you choose
  • Bendy straws
  • Scissors and/or an exacto-knife
  • Hole punch

Step 2: Templates

Picture of Templates
Take a minute to go online and find some mustaches you want on your face. If you google image search "mustache template" plenty of options will pop up. I opted for these

Print and cut them out.

Step 3: Trace and cut 'stache

Picture of Trace and cut 'stache
moustache 006.jpg
moustache 007.jpg
Using your templates, take a pencil and trace them onto your card stock.

Cut out. Hole-punch a hole in the center.

Step 4: Don

Picture of Don
Hip hip hooray! Place your 'stache on your straw and rock the Pencil, Handlebar, Dali, Walrus, or whatever other style tickles your fancy upper lip.

Happy sipping!
If I made this, my son would probably constantly say, "I mustache you a question" when he was using it xD
Used it for a party on July 15 for my birthday party (just family =( and my b-day is on July 10th) they all loved them! thanks
kazmataz (author)  Dusk Shadows2 years ago
That's fantastic! Glad you all had a great time - any pictures to share?
No my parents threw them out when we where dont but maybe if i check my chamera i might i'll look for ou when it comes back from repair
I'm using this tomorrow thanks for the idea my family will love it!
wow this will be great for partys
Cdn Sapper3 years ago
My son is coming up 4 years old and he is gonna love these at his birthday...great 'ible! Keep posting you've got some great ones!
kirnex3 years ago
Hey! Use thin craft foam sheets and they'll even be washable (and wearable, with some double-sided tape?) I'm totally making these. These are great.
gl0rious3 years ago
zomg! my aunt just used these for her wedding they were awesome. what a great idea!!
angelabchua3 years ago
::::ahem::::: can we digitally slide me in the back there? hahha
mrmerino3 years ago
Nice jar (READ: Mason)