This year I decided to opt out from boring practice of buying standardized Halloween costumes for my kids and build ones myself. This Instructable is for the one I built for my son. I hope it is interesting not only because it is cool and unusual, but also as a fun reading about different costume-making technologies.

The costume starts with an idea. I spent quite awhile thinking what my 10-year old boy might love. Star wars trooper? Alien? Ninja? Well, I probably can make a not bad snow trooper costume, but admit it: there are hordes of troopers out there on the streets and they are plain boring. I was looking for something standing out of crowd, wild, ridiculous, having as much Halloween spirit as possible and I was totally failing to come up with something cool. And when you, parents, can't solve a problem there is only one way to proceed: ask your child.

It appeared that he already had the idea fully baked and polished in his head and the idea was CYBORG PUMPKIN! What can be more ridiculous and Halloweeny than a Cyborg Pumpkin? I don't know. I think that was an awesome idea, so we both proceeded with discussing the implementation details right away.

In this instructable I'll explain all the steps, successes and mistakes and I hope it will help you to come up with a great costume for the next Halloween. It doesn't have to be Mutant Cyborg Pumpkin™®©:, so start your own project from step 0: Come Up With a Cool Idea.
mazzmn2 years ago
All kinds of awesome going on here! Nice job
Mr. Noack3 years ago
Points for Originality. Well done!
mikhalchuk (author)  Mr. Noack3 years ago
Thank you!
joyeuse133 years ago
This is seriously epic. I am taking notes (literally). I especially love the way you use the plastic tubing to direct the LED light.

Question: what is your hand wearing inside the main left arm weapon? Do you have a glove on?
mikhalchuk (author)  joyeuse133 years ago

Thank you for you comment.

There is actually no glove inside the weapon block. There are 4 buttons mounted on the handle, one under each finger and pushing them in gloves is very difficult. The weapon block if covered with a piece of sanded plastic from the front side, so you can't actually see the hand inside.