Step 2: Making Things Complicated: Combining the Boxes

Well, the current version of the costume is flat boring not because it is plain simple, but also because it is flat. We can make its shape more sophisticated by adding a few more boxes of various sizes. I took a small box and glued it to the front. It serves not only decorative purpose, but also works as a candy container. Admit it, a Mutant Pumpkin Cyborg with a bag or basket full of candies looks goofy. Also his hands will be busy annihilating everything around him, so keeping that candy container integrated into the armor was one of the best ideas about this costume.

The larger box on the back was chosen to resemble a backpack. On the picture you can see that one of its sides is almost completely cut off and I did that for two reasons:
- Even at this point it was clear that the resulting costume will be heavy (I just didn’t realize how heavy it will be). So everything contributing to the weight had to go. See how part of that box wall still remains in place? That’s to maintain the box integrity.
- I needed a place in the costume to store all the batteries, cables, wires, switches and other electronics. This box is the place.
Finally one more disassembled box was added to the front to cover the belly and the sides. I left the flaps in place so they also work as kind of belt keeping all pieces together.

One part still missing in our armor is something covering arms. I used the flaps previously cut out and bent them in a hexagonal shape. Hexagon seems more sophisticated than round and square shapes and it’s easier to make than 7-, 8- and so on –gonal shape.
A few things to keep in mind while gluing the arm armor are
- You will need to bend your arms. For this reason you need to cut out two triangles from the sections of the hexagonal tube. Check out the pictures to see how this works with straight arm and when it is bent
- I wanted to integrate the weapon system into one arm (to be discussed later). This is why one section was made significantly longer than the other to accommodate extra accessories and electronics
- If you pull the tube all the way up the arm you will notice that the delta muscles are not covered. I added two more pieces of cardboard to these sections. They cover deltas when the arm is relaxed and disappear under the shoulder armor when you bend the arm.
All kinds of awesome going on here! Nice job
Points for Originality. Well done!
Thank you!
This is seriously epic. I am taking notes (literally). I especially love the way you use the plastic tubing to direct the LED light. <br><br>Question: what is your hand wearing inside the main left arm weapon? Do you have a glove on?
joyeuse13, <br><br>Thank you for you comment.<br><br>There is actually no glove inside the weapon block. There are 4 buttons mounted on the handle, one under each finger and pushing them in gloves is very difficult. The weapon block if covered with a piece of sanded plastic from the front side, so you can't actually see the hand inside.<br><br>Regards,<br>Andrey

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