This instructable details work done by Matthew VanStaalduinen (a mechanical engineering technology student at UNC Charlotte) using 123D Catch, Meshmixer, and a VFlash 3D printer from 3D Systems to create (and modify) a physical representation of a virtual object from the game Homeworld 2.

Step 1: Tools and Software Required

• A video game where a full 3D view of the object can be obtained
• 123D Catch*
• Mesh mixer*
• A 3d printer (a V-flash from 3D Systems was used in this project) or access to one of the online 3D print services
• Flush cutter pliers
• A computer capable of running the software
*The software is free from Autodesk
I love the Homeworld and Homeworld 2 games
you could always try entering the files that the game uses for storing the 3d model and copying it out of there. i know some games use 3d models in common formats like .obj other formats could be converted using online services.
Thanks for the instructable <br> <br>You can use a 3D Model Ripper software to do the same more easily though
Nice idea! <br>Never thought of using screen-shots for that :) <br> <br>One Q thou: What is the printer you used to print the STL's? The support-Plate looks nothing familiar...
That is awesome! What a great way to use catch :)
I'm so happy you published the results, I have wanted to do this with Link from Zelda (N64) since Catch came out. <br /> <br />Thanks for posting this!

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