Step 6: Part Cleaning and Finishing

The parts in the VFlash are built upside down on a build platform, along with requisite support structures.  Once the new part has been built, it will need to be cleaned off the build platform with caution and the support structures removed (typically with flush cutter pliers). 

This process is very time consuming and has a bit of a learning curve.  The part that comes out will be better as long as you spend more time on it.  There are endless possibilities on what to make 3D in this world and this is one of the methods.  It is challenging but do not give up! There are many resources on each of the programs and it is highly recommended that you do a little research before beginning that next big build file.
I love the Homeworld and Homeworld 2 games
you could always try entering the files that the game uses for storing the 3d model and copying it out of there. i know some games use 3d models in common formats like .obj other formats could be converted using online services.
Thanks for the instructable <br> <br>You can use a 3D Model Ripper software to do the same more easily though
Nice idea! <br>Never thought of using screen-shots for that :) <br> <br>One Q thou: What is the printer you used to print the STL's? The support-Plate looks nothing familiar...
That is awesome! What a great way to use catch :)
I'm so happy you published the results, I have wanted to do this with Link from Zelda (N64) since Catch came out. <br /> <br />Thanks for posting this!

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