Step 4: Initial Setup

1. Separate the Personality card from the rest of your deck.
2. Shuffle all of the remaning cards.
3. Place your personality card as shown in the diagram.
4. Draw four cards, and discard one to the discard pile.
5. Lay any Weapon, Armour or Cover Cards that you wish to use.
6. Determine who will start (Roll a die / toss a coin)
7. Each player has a starting life score of 20 (use counters or a d20 to track your life points).
There's no explanation of move cards...
Hello,<br><br>The move card is like the &quot;duck&quot; or &quot;dodge&quot; cards, but have no points value.<br><br>The only caveat is, that if you play a move card behind cover, you must either move to a new piece of cover or into the open.<br><br>you can stack your deck with as many move cards as you like - but remember, the more move cards, the lower your odds of drawing something useful.<br><br>Hope that makes sense
But what do duck and dodge DO? I need a game mechanic explanation.
Duck and Dodge are an action that temporarily increases your defence stats for that turn.<br><br>If your defence is high enough you take or reduce the damage that would otherwise be dealt.<br><br>Move does not have a points value to it, but duck and dodge do.<br><br>Duck and Dodge can be used to &quot;fill&quot; out the points requirements of the deck while providing some sort of reactive defence.<br><br>I hope that explains it :)
I really think you should go back and give an in-depth explanation of the cards in the rules stated in the instructable. Possibly even going back and explaining all the other bits just a little more, since your explanations are short and quick. I understand the attacking and defending section just fine, but the rest is a little lacking.
yes, I agree, I'll add in a section covering the cards.<br><br>When I built this game, I always intended to put more information directly on the cards so as to keep &quot;mental rules&quot; to a minimum<br><br>this is something I will have to do as soon as I get some time away from my job!<br><br>I hope you enjoy playing the game - if you need any clarifications on anything please post another comment!
What works great as card if you just print it on paper is those big pices of poaster stuff that is paper thin but is still hard. :( dont know what its called
Poster board?

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