Here is a 3 axis milling machine I made! It was inspired by tom's Cnc milling machine Instructable but I kind of took it a whole new way. This thing is awesome you can make circuit boards and engrave your name! I recently broke a part so I have to fix something on the bottom rails. www.jamstudiosgames.com
i really like the idea of the hand crank idea but i have a few questions .<br><br> how did u get the sliding rails through the wood ?<br><br>will it cut light metals?<br> <br>thanks
where are the motors, and what kind of controller are you using?
&nbsp;hand crank DUH
The only motor looks to be inside the red housing turning the tool. The screws have hand cranks.
not every milling machine is a cnc milling machine....
It is nice, is similar to my "getto lathe" in construction, except that mine is on iron. I intend to do an instructable when it is completed, which, with luck, will be this year.
nice :) i started a ghetto lathe type instructable a while back but it hasnt got verry far :)
Here it is mine: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Torno-del-pobre-poor-man-lathe/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Torno-del-pobre-poor-man-lathe/</a><br/>
i saw that XD
wow ill be looking forward to that please inform me when you make it
Here it is: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Torno-del-pobre-poor-man-lathe/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Torno-del-pobre-poor-man-lathe/</a><br/>
The lathe is almost finished, only lacks accesories. It was possible owing to an "sanitary license" for the H1N1 flu. I will do the instructable in 1 o 2 weeks.
so u making a build instructable on this? :)
Do you think I should?
yes definetly
Yes, Also you may be able to enhance it by adding a tracer to it. As it is, it's like you have to ectch-o-sketch parts which is fine if your good at that. I'm not, so I have to have something to trace. Still a pretty cool tool to build, looks so easy, even a caveman could do it,..... I think I will.
I dont think I will have an instructable on this for a while I have several others I want to work on!
Great job. It's nice and simple. Very clever. You should post an Instructable about this. I think a lot of people would get something out of it.
Hey Cool... Nice Job. Do you have a picture of something you made with it? Tom P.S. Thanks for the plug. :)
Instruction Please =)<br/><br/>I like the use of no motors, you don't see that every day.<br/><br/>Is there a way you can measure? You could put a pointer down and have that against two rulers?<br/>
I could but usually I just lay out the part with pencil and then cut it out

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