My 330V 78Joule Coilgun


Introduction: My 330V 78Joule Coilgun

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I built this for a school project faire. It has slots for different size coils so I am not limited to one barrel. It has a custom built control box with: Power, HV in, 2 switches to control which capacitor bank to charge, and a firing switch... As you can see I also made the power supply too. I bought the metal case at fry's electronics down in burbank, CA. It has a power indicator and charge indicator LED to tell when the capacitors have reached maximum charge. It takes about 30seconds for one bank to charge. Each capacitor bank consists of 6 330VDC 120uF flash capacitors.



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    "sparky" can be charged with a camera circuit as long as you hook it up to a voltmeter to make sure it doesn't overcharge.

    lol. same handwritting as mine. however you could have used acrylic sheets for more aesthetic view. nice control panel awsome. a better work could have been done with your coil. what type of wire did you use

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    Neat control panel! I see you use the TV connectors for power supply! lol, I do too! They work really great.
    1. How many Amps are the Caps being charged with? and, by extension, how many watts are the Caps being charged with?
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    300Volts at 0.16amps (16ma) wich equals to 48 watts.. Its not much I know but its only 1 flash curcuit, Im actually making a new charger that can handle 500VDC at 5 amps, I also bought some giant 2400uF 500WVDC capacitors too. I will post some pics later.

    yeah that was a typo, sorry about that :) And yes, 500V at 5 amps will be EPIC! I am almost done getting all the parts together...

    Damn straight it will be epic! post some pics of how far the nail lodges into the 2x4 !!

    I don't know exactly but its less than one.. I will get my ampmeter out and test it...Along with the watts, how do I calculate that??

    Watts = Voltage x Amperage
    So if I have a line with 110 volts and 20 amps, it can deliver 2200 Watts.

    hah! lol. you just can't stay away from instructables and the electronic hobbyist world can you? neither can I.

    what is in the power supply? is it a camera flash charger?