Picture of My 7 yr olds Scarecrow costume for 2011
1st off...let me tell you I had NO clue what this scarecrow was. With lots of searching, well I got pics, but no real help. So I got my creative mind going! Off to the hospital, goodwill, Menards, Meijers.....you name it I was there looking around thinking, probably looking like a crazy woman. But I was a woman on a mission, to make the costume my 7 yr old wanted.

Mission: Make a kick a$$ Scarecrow costume for my son.

I apologize in advance if I missed a step, but I have lots of pics....I will add things as I see needed. If you have any question please ask, I will try to answer the best I can without actually showing you! :) Thanks for reading & Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies are here, time to think!

Picture of Supplies are here, time to think!
Note to everyone out there on a budget. Dont buy fabric at the craft store, unless its something strange. You will find just about everything you need at goodwill!

Mission: Make costume out of these things...aahhhhhh, I hope I can do this!

*Brown sheet (I was REALLY surprised I actually found a brown sheet at goodwill) ~ any dark brown fabric would do!

*Find any kind of brown colors & fabric to make patches, preferably in VERY large sizes ~ I found girls leggings a couple sizes too big for my 7yr old, this costume called for baggy pants. A girls brown shirt size 10-12. Boys brown shirt 10-12. Ladies small long sleeve shirt in the lightest color I could find that was close to skin color. Ladies suit jacket in a burlap like color. Brown belt, nothing fancy.

* Cream colored yarn. (I only had white, but I used tea to stain it)

*Hardware store things ~ PVC that would fit over my sons hand. Clear tubing, small & 1in. Caps for the end of the 1in. tubing. Silver spay paint. Shoe glue & liquid nails.

*Meijer ~ Chrome duct tape. 6inch glow sticks. Food coloring. Cheap mask.

*Hospital ~ 4 Syringes just the plastic!

*Pepsi cans

*old ace bandage I cut into long scraps
slail2 years ago
You wouldn't by any chance still have this costume and be willing to part with it???
credmon2 years ago
There is no crane, only SCARECROW. That's scarecrow from batman arkham asylum
stormlight2 years ago
Freaking awesome!!! I am in the same predictment this year but for my 15 year old. We are all do ing the villians from Batman Arkum Asylum and he wants the hand! Great! Luckily we found a mask at the halloween store and he is going with the suit look so all I have to make is the hand. I dont understand your instructions totally. I am stuck on a few parts. Anyway you would email me? stormlight_stephanie@yahoo.com

fabulous job!!!
thill11 (author)  stormlight2 years ago
Thank you so much! Wow sounds like you have your hands full with costumes. I will email you & hopefully I can help you!!
Truehart3 years ago
I know exactly who the Scarecrow is and personally think you did an awesome job recreating it.
thill11 (author)  Truehart3 years ago
Thank you.....while trick or treating, most older kids & adults knew exactly who he was!
I have no idea what that scarecrow is either, but the costume is fantastic!
thill11 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
thank you!