This is my latest creation. You can find all of the details on K'nexables by following this link.
Cool ball machine, you got some good style for music too :-)
Are you going to post instructions?
Sigh. Do you honestly think that I would post instructions to a thing that big, even after I have busted it?
Well you could post it depending on the size, ( I know you won't though :p) But I had no idea you busted it.
show us how to build it
This thing is sweet. Very clean too. Great work, keep it up! 5*
Nice! you think ur gonna beat DGM with this? im pretty sure you will by right nows looks
I think it will. xD
well he better get ready
Bleh. I don't have as much time as i used to. Plus i am having problems with its block like shape.
well, you could make the middle part of it a tower
Can't. I don't have enough parts
oh. well that could be a problem.
nice work 5*
cool briliant song,vid and ball machine

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