video My 811a Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil
This is a video of my dual 811a power triode Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil based on Steve Ward's VTTC1 design.  The secondary is a 3 inch PVC pipe wound with 850 turns of 24 awg magnet wire.  The primary coil is 20 turns, with a 1000pf tank capacitor.  Currently I am achieving 6-7" sparks, with minimal tuning and adjusting.

i couldn't make mine so i bought this

hey, is it hot...? :/ i heard somethings about heating this kinda stuffs...!

I got it for my bir-day
Teslaling (author)  ZappingLover13373 years ago
You know, if you put some aluminum foil on it, you can draw some arcs!

Just be very careful!
wcoetzer3 years ago
Please can you post how you made this I love it it's amazing I love the fluorescent light
Yay! im not the only kid who has made tesla coil
sure not im nine
i know it is weird but its true
Teslaling (author)  highvoltageguy3 years ago
That's awesome! I was 11 when I built my first coil and 13 when I got this one running.
yeah i just seem to like electronics and im in primary school and they all think im a nerd but i dont care BTW thanks for the reply.
Teslaling (author)  highvoltageguy3 years ago
If other kids call you a nerd, don't get mad at them because it just means that they are admitting you are smarter than them. I personally know that it is hard being called a nerd or a geek especially by the "cool kids" but when I stopped and thought about it, they knew I was smarter than them and they were jealous so they had to find a way to make fun of me for it. Your coil looks pretty cool. I have some suggestions for you:
  • Make a primary coil with a bunch of turns so that you can tune the coil.  Connect one wire with a clip lead. Starting at one and a half turns (where you have it now), incrementally (1/4 or 1/8 of a turn each time) move the clip lead along the wire and try the coil.  You want to look for improved output. If it gets worse as you go out, go back to the original spot and move inward.
  • Smooth out the spark gap electrodes.  The corona will deplete the charge and cause it to fire before the capacitor is fully charged.
  • PUT A 10M OHM RESISTOR ACROSS THE CAPACITOR!!! This is to bleed the charge after you turn the coil off; without it, somebody could be in for a real surprise.
yeah thanks for the advice those electrodes are gonna have a dremel to them.
Teslaling (author)  highvoltageguy3 years ago
Cool! Let me know your results!
man the results are awsome u can make a arc like a metre long and its cool
beacause they arc to my finger with no pain.
Teslaling (author)  highvoltageguy3 years ago
WOW! That's amazing! You are using a 15kv Neon Sign Transformer, right? I ask because my wimpy little sgtc throws 20cm arcs but I'm only using a 6kv transformer.

A word of advice about touching the arcs is while it may be painless, there is a very good chance that you may get rf burns from it so be careful!
yeah i was always careful about RF burns and im not sure why it makes so
big arcs maybe just good luck.
im 11 and im making mine now so awesome knowing you started then for u but now for me!!!!!!!!!!
Teslaling (author)  ZappingLover13373 years ago
Cool! Have fun and good luck!
I have made a instructable on my tesla coil be sure to take a look i would appriceate that so much. thanks christian
spark light4 years ago
Nice job!
Did you use the primary resonant type circuit?
Teslaling (author)  spark light4 years ago
Yes and no, I used a feedback coil to switch the tubes based on the secondary coil's resonance frequency, but I do have a tuned LC circuit as part of the primary as well.
Nerd! Lol just kidding! That's really cool.
Most excellent
jensenr304 years ago
Awesome! the classic light bulb trick! awesome.
Teslaling (author)  jensenr304 years ago
What's crazy is that I can light up the bulb from about 4 feet away when there is no breakout rod on the topload!!! Handheld lights!!!
very cool
rimar20004 years ago