AR 10





Introduction: AR 10

About: imm not 13 im 12. but i have to put 13 lol..

This My AR 10 is not a real gun i just made it up. And of course credit goes to ironman69 for the mag!! =D enjoy



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    lol john it does look like a g36c rolled over, but acualy lets make a g36. the normal version, goodjob

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    well since you guys think it looked like a g36. thanks to my neibourgh SANGLAK who came over to my house and transformed it!

    and what does custom or colt mean?

    It means there is a rifle named the ar-10 its basically a .308 caliber sniper rifle now google it.

    i never knew that lol i thought of the name randomly

    Nice! Although, a barrel would make it look better. 5*, though.

    anyone got any ideas for a gun i should make?

    honestly it looks like a g36 got ran over by a steamroller. its pretty good for a first gun though as long as it has a good distance.

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    ya lol it does look like a g36c... my bad XD... oh well it was my first gun.

    the stock could be beefed up in thickness, which totally depends on how many peices you have but everything else looks good 4 stars

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    ya sadly i dont have much knex.... so i had to go with this