How to Make a Air Cannon





Introduction: How to Make a Air Cannon

In this Instructable I will be showing how to make a air cannon I came up with, I have had this one all winter and its still working great!

Step 1: What You Will Need

What you will need: a 4inch PVC pipe 3+ft long ,4inch slip cap, 1 1/2 valve, female adapter that fits into a 4inch reducing cupling and a 4inch 1 1/2inchPVC pipe and a bike air valve.

Step 2: Putting It Togather

Drill a hole in the slip cap so that the bike air valve fits in it snug, next glue the bike air valve so it won't come out easy. Cut the 4inch PVC pipe to your liked legnth. Glue the 4inch PVC pipe to the slip cap with primer and cement. Next glue the other end to the 4inch reducing cupling. Glue the female adapter into the cupling. Then glue the 1 1/2inch x4 inch PVC pipe into the female adapter. Finally glue the 1 1/2 inch valve to the 1 1/2inch pipe now it should look some what like this.



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It shoots about 20-30 with water in the air part. I could shoot it a couple hundred feet with something else like a round object in the barrle, It also depends i on psi