My Airgun: Revisited





Introduction: My Airgun: Revisited

This is my airgun. More explanations on the pics.



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    Um........ Thanks.............. I think.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.

    Hi guys im 13 years old and im into guns and i am making a 80 PSI airgun starting form a pvc air tank brass fattings conecting to a ball valve or brass conector compressor gun thingy as the barrel will be a 1/2 inch copper pipe 45 cm it will shoot small objects or small darts i will just use for shooting potatos and size nails

    Got all the parts, looks very very interesting. I wander about the pressure in the tank and the mouth velocity."industrial one" -:) Very good idea indeed to show that, in fact, behind all the Montecarlo wood and other fancy stuff ont PCP s is producing power....almost it...

    are they really sights? i cant see what you actually put on the gun, if it offers some magnification, its called a scope instead of merely sights

    im going to try making this. may i post a instructable and say i have got the idea from u?

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    Cool, Go ahead and have fun.

    thanks, but instead of the thick tube at the bottom im gonna try using a coke bottle.

    I've had some experience with coke bottle air chambers and all I can say is that it is not a good idea. I have the scars on my hand to prove it :) Ask receiver545 (Another Instructabler) if he thinks it's a good idea, he has scars too.

    The safe pressure for coke bottles is about 80 psi, which is not very high, which means low power.

    Also coke bottle are not meant to withold constant change in pressure. This weakens the plastic, long story cut short, one day say byebye to your hearing, fingers or eyes.

    And the moral of the story it coke bottles are good for holding coke not pressurized air. 

    A word of wisdom, Always do your research when making something potentialy lethal. Remember homemade guns can be more dangerous then the real thing, because the real thing will most likely not explode in your hands. :)

    I live in South Africa and our pressure are meassured in BAR not psi, the maximum that i could ever pump a coke bottle was 5 Bar i dont know how much psi that is

    P.S. sorry for my poor english

    Awesome, I lived in Centurion, Pretoria before my parents moved to New Zealand(I was two years old).

    80 psi = 5.51580583 bar

    P.S. Your english is fine.

    awesome so your South African, thanks for the PSI to BAR convertion, is that 5 point something bar or 500000000 bar

    dont answer my last qeustion i saw from you other instructable its 5 point something bar. are your age on your profile correct beause if it is you and me are the same age:)

    Also coke bottles will most often be able to be pumped up a bunch of times before they pop.

    I'm 15 years old

    Roughly, Five and Half Bars

    well i pumped a coke botlle 5 bars and i could stand on it, and it didnt pop