My Airgun With Some Adjustments





Introduction: My Airgun With Some Adjustments

Okay now about three days ago I posted a slideshow called My First Airgun but, unfortunatley a bullet got stuck down its barrel. Long story cut short had to cut barrel open or the gun wouldn't work. It has lost some capabilites like shooting bottles but, nothing too bad. It now has a weird kind of bolt action system. So this is what it looks like now.



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    Great idea! And the model looks so real, just a little paint and it's perfect!

    Cool but, why are you still using a ball valve? Those things suck >.< Use something better, like an explosive air valve, Im shure you have read the instructable! But other than the valve, good job!

    this was my first airgun, explosive air release valve are only good for blowguns. have a look at my other one (green) ive made it so it utilizes a burst disk mechanism which means that the valveis opened and the disk holds out long enough for the valve to open fully

    Man i really need to mod a breech loader onto my sniper...

    lol. basically all breech loaders are the same. (unless its semi-auto/full auto) Some people have made hydraulic ones..

    i'm not to sure wether this is bolt action or breech load.

    yeah just don't use my design if you can help it (It's crap)

    never mind apprently it takes a day to change or something like that.

    And so is the 3rd and 4th number three is a pic of the new barrel closed an ready to fire and the number four is with the barrel open an ready to pop a bullet in