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Introduction: My Alpha Trooper CS-18 Mod

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Hey guys. I saw this in another instructable with a different gun and it was black, and felt like doing something like it. So, I got together a Vortex Praxis stock that someone I know gave me, my Alpha Trooper, two Nerf clips, a bit of duck tape, and a bunch of gray paint.

Yes, this gun works, I have tested it. The pieces go together a little bit rough, what with the added mass of paint, so I made sure to put it on thin. A few days before I did this, I took the gun apart and stretched the spring. If you want an Instructable on that, comment and tell me to.

As for the clip, I just taped two clips together, and painted them. The clip took a while to paint because I had to be careful not to put the paint on thick or it won't go in the gun at all. For the black, that was custom, I don't have much black paint, so I thought I should do that part gray. I was thinking of maybe making the clip slightly bent forward so it would look more like a real gun, but I didn't.



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    It has been known as either. Clip because nerf calls it that; Magazine, because that is what it technically is; or clipazine, the compromize.

    Looks pretty cool, but could you show how you stretched the spring, because Ive got an alpha trooper, and I was disappointed about how far it could fire.

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    Well, I can't really show it, because I don't understand how you mean by show. But what I did was took both ends of the spring, and stretched them apart just a bit. Streatching them too far may ruin the spring. Another thing you could do is take out the ARs. I don't have a mod on that, but I have no doubts that they're out there somewhere on the interent.

    I realize this is several months old, but never stretch a spring. It may improve power at first but will rapidly lose power until its worse than stock. Taking out air restricters is a much better option, or switching the springs for a more powerful one. Check out orange mod works for springs that will fit.

    Looks pretty cool, but why would you use two duct taped clips when you could just use the 18 dart drum that comes with it?

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    You can do it with the drum clip too, but I thought it would look cooler with two clips put together.