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I got bored yesterday and decided to make one. It was a blast, and i love the way it sounds.

Just a few problems though,

the biggest problem is the tuning pegs hit each other, making it impossible to tune accurately, but thats easily solved. I'm just going to grind down the pegs so they wont anymore.

second problem is the nut. I make it out of the scrap piece of the Altoids tin, and the strings didnt really fit in the groves. Also an easy fix, im just going to make a better one out of a scrap piece of wood or something.

I left space inside for the 1/4th jack inside, and i plan on getting that and the piezo disk today for the pick up.

Im also going to put better strings on it today, i just need to run to the store and get some nylons. all i had was crappy old uke strings.

Heres a vid of me playing. I apologize for the horrible angle and what not. but the audio is good, and thats all i wanted. Im using a clip on piezo instrument pick up taped to the back for now. 

comments/questions/suggestions/criticisms/love declarations/challenges/etc are all warmly welcome :)


mikeasaurus (author)2012-03-13

Neat guitar. Thanks for posting the video of you playing it, sounds great!

FinchbyFinch (author)mikeasaurus2012-03-13

thanks a bunch :D you should check out the upgraded one... here

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