My Altoids Survival Tin Components:

1.Condom- can be used for water storage or its intended purpose.
2.Silver coin- used for currency/bartering wtshtf.
3.Gauze- used for minor injuries like cuts or scrapes to stop infections.
4.Goody's powder- used to treat illnesses.
5.Alcohol prep pad-used to clean cuts or scrapes before gauze is used.
6.Sharpie marker-used when you need to write something down.
7.Small razor knife- multiple purposes.
8.Cleaning pad-used for cleaning.
<p>Nice kit. </p><p>Is that two faces liberty coin?</p>
Bow chicka wow wow XD
For its intended purpose xD. IMma get it on In The wilderness or in an apacolypse. Great survival can! 10\10
I would also add - if you're separated from your cell phone - a list of phone #'s: police and fire business #'s for non-911 situations, gas co, etc. And quarters for a pay phone if you can even find one anymore.
Very cool kit! I recently uploaded my kit too! :)
Nice kit but do add some fire starting item like matches or fire steel, also add some cutting tool like a razor blade.<br>Other then that i like it!!!<br>check out my survival kits i have a ton!!
there is a razor, its item #7 <br>

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