My Altoids Tin Survival Kits





Introduction: My Altoids Tin Survival Kits

My Altoids Survival Tin Components:

1.Condom- can be used for water storage or its intended purpose.
2.Silver coin- used for currency/bartering wtshtf.
3.Gauze- used for minor injuries like cuts or scrapes to stop infections.
4.Goody's powder- used to treat illnesses.
5.Alcohol prep pad-used to clean cuts or scrapes before gauze is used.
6.Sharpie marker-used when you need to write something down.
7.Small razor knife- multiple purposes.
8.Cleaning pad-used for cleaning.



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    Nice kit.

    Is that two faces liberty coin?

    Bow chicka wow wow XD

    For its intended purpose xD. IMma get it on In The wilderness or in an apacolypse. Great survival can! 10\10

    I would also add - if you're separated from your cell phone - a list of phone #'s: police and fire business #'s for non-911 situations, gas co, etc. And quarters for a pay phone if you can even find one anymore.

    Very cool kit! I recently uploaded my kit too! :)

    Nice kit but do add some fire starting item like matches or fire steel, also add some cutting tool like a razor blade.
    Other then that i like it!!!
    check out my survival kits i have a ton!!